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A jam entry

Dream InnView game page »

Game made for the IGMC 2017
Submitted by ashyramoonwolf with 1 day, 20 hours before the deadline

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Team Members
Just me (But thank to Llareian who tried the game and gave me a few advices)

Rpg Maker MV

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Hey, so here's your review for the RPGMakerweb.com "Secret Santa":

So first, there were a few positive things I thought that were pretty cool about this game:

  •  I think you have an interesting story idea going on with the dream sequences. While the narrative involved with getting to them was strange and unexpected, I did find myself a little curious going through the "trials" you developed. I think you should try to make the narrative a little more linear so the player understands that they're in a dream sequence. Maybe skip that odd clown business in the forest? 
  • The object/animal interaction was good. It's important to reward the player for checking stuff out. I like the small popups for the items instead of a massive text window. Unfortunately, there was a lot of inconsistency because some objects that looked like they could be investigated did nothing.
  • I like your character's portrait art, and the battle HUD was cool, though the actual battle screen was incredibly inconsistent (the background was just the map, blurred out, with the characters floating on top of everything). The damage pop-ups did look good.
  • I found myself genuinely creeped out by one of the dream sequences, so the environment aspect of it was convincing, you used the sound effects well in this regard.

Unfortunately, this game does need a lot of improvement in other areas. I hope you'll consider improving some of these things, because I'd love to see what you can make of this project!

  • The title menu is not a good first impression. The background music is incredibly low quality. The logo is placed oddly and the menu--while an interesting arrangement--does not match the logo at all. The title map does not look good, and I think artwork would be more appropriate here. Since your portraits looked so good, I think you can do it! Also, I understand you put in the comments here that this is related to your "Story of Dras'lia" project, but you should indicate somewhere that it is "Dream Inn" since that is what you have published here--it is a little confusing.
  • The background music is inconsistent. Sometimes it matches the environment and works really well, sometimes it is too low quality and does not match the environment at all.
  • It looks like French is your primary language. I think you should consider releasing the game in French until you are able to translate it to English accurately. Some dialog items were completely in French, and what English was present was grammatically incorrect. Your English grammar will need quite a bit of work before the game can be presented to an English-speaking audience. 
  • The clock is out of place. I think it should be hidden or placed in the main menu, because having it on the screen at all times seems to serve no real purpose.
  • Mapping needs a lot of improvement. Objects on the map don't match the tiles, the map design is overall bland and inconsistent. 
  • Combat, while mostly fun, seems to be imbalanced and frustratingly drawn out. The animations are stretched too large and look low quality in many places.

Overall, it seems to be a really nice attempt and I hope you'll be able to make some more improvements to it. I think the story has some great potential if executed cleanly. 



The game is close at the start of "Story of DRas'lia",  my other project!

But Dream Inn is a 1 Hour story, when Dras'lia, is a one hour gameplay to try the different feature!