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You only have ten minutes left...
Submitted by Talonos2 — 6 hours, 36 minutes before the deadline

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Ranked 25th with 8 votes

Judge's Choice#3n/a
People's Choice Vote#258

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  • Theme 

    A terrible curse plagues the village and will give them 10 minutes to live before disappearing. Probably one of the best ones.


    Similar to half minute hero (except even less). You have 10 minutes to go through the cave and find the source of the curse. It’s mostly QTE battles and trying to avoid insanely fast encounters. The lag is insane (due to map blurring) as you go through battles and sometimes the moment you exit battle, you are suddenly attacked again. This results into a very clunky experience. I'm also not a fan of some of the puzzles  such as back and forth switch pushing.


    Mapping is OK for the most part. The UI was done well and aside from the cave maps being pretty …meh. It still delivers but I hope it can be polished to be a lot prettier while retaining some puzzle aspects.


    Has a TON of potential and I think if the lag can be eliminated, the enemy map patterns rebalanced and the maps done a lot more smartly (instead of back track to x/y repeatedly just or ONE switch), this could’ve been an amazing experience.

    Total – 62/80

  • 50/80

    Death spectres don't attack if you don't move. Spelling needs some checking. I'm not sure how much RNG is involved, but it feels like random item drops can lead to some scenarios where it is harder to progress.

    A bit annoying that you can't change elements in-battle since you might have just used another element  and now have a chain of battles to deal with and are quickly draining your mana. It feels like at a certain point, the map just feels too large to check the entire map for new conversations each time.

    Some characters (there seems to be three or four base classes that the characters are based on) have an advantage in certain areas, but high MP is extremely useful regardless as it allows you to use your skills more.

    I couldn't find any clues as to how to rescue the villagers frozen, even after beating the game. (Unless beating the game freed them automatically). It can be frustrating when your villager dies from what feels like RNG (such as an unlucky crit or poor chest loot).

    The timing concept is nice, but the first timing event can be difficult to time for each battle.


    Graphics are RTP. Mapping is decent - the town looks nice and the dungeons are carefully crafted for optimal twisty-turny time-wastey goodness.

    Window skins and hubs do a good job showing off the information that's needed. Font is readable, too.

    Sound is alright. There's nothing really atmospheric going on but at least there are some game sounds uses here and there. Music is alright. Nothing outstanding but nothing jarring either. It fits where it's used.

    Writing is decent. I didn't notice any errors with regards to the writing. What there is of a story is interesting and makes you want to play more in order to get down to the meat of the mystery.

    The characterisation is better in some cases than others, but what is there makes the different characters stand out quite well from each other.

    This is a dungeon crawl with a difference.

    The general idea is to challenge the 12-floor dungeon over and over again in order to get further and further each time. You have ten minutes with each character to get through as much of the dungeon as possible, whilst avoiding on-map encounters, traps and 'puzzles'.

    You find treasure in chests which can be either equipped right there and then or sent back to a 'treasure' box for the next person to go in to choose gear from. Gear consists of weapons, armour and accessories.

    You also have bosses to get through who, once finished, unlock elemental magic to help make the dungeon a little easier each time. Each elemental magic has an on-map effect and a battle effect. On-map effects can include dashing fast past obstacles and monsters or hiding from plain view.

    Battles are a little different to the usual affair. They're automatic in that you don't get to choose your commands, however there's an 'puzzle' each turn where you have to line up a moving sphere with an orb in order to get better attacks off. This happens both during the enemy turn (in which case you can defend better against the attack) and your own turn.

    Magic in battles help you deal extra damage to the enemies.

    At the end of the ten minutes, or if your character dies in the dungeon, you are warped back to town where all the crystals you picked up (from battles, crystals, etc) are used to increase the power of the next characters you use.

    As to the characters you have to battle your way down with - you start with 30. Each time a character is removed (by either dying or time running out) they disappear from town and you can't interact with them any more.

    This game starts out as pretty fun but hits a bit of a boredom curve around the fire area, since you're effectively doing the same dungeon over and over again. Even with the skills that give you faster ways to get through the same areas, you're still seeing the same stuff over and over and it gets a bit repetitive after a while.

    Also, the overload of monsters, despite the battles being very fast, is quite annoying at times.

    Things were explained just fine with how it worked, but you do have to put it into practice to really get it. The theme itself is time and never having enough of it, and you really feel the crunch when you're trying to reach a boss before the timer ends and there's so many monsters in your way.

  • This was really impressive and so much fun. There’s always a sense of progression after each run, even if it’s not one of your best and the use of the elemental abilities to speed up your descent was really ingenious. Also enjoyed the way the battles were used, it felt very consistent with the game concept. I do wish that there was a little more activity in the town itself between runs but I suppose that’s something that could wait for a second draft. Excellent work.

    Score: 69/80

Team Members
Talonos, Xillith, Ipecac, Duke Daisuke, Aishea, Euphina.


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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This is definitely the most fun gameplay of the entries I've played. While the rogue-like balance is really really well done with the advancing of powers/equipment, the simple combat does get tiresome around the time you get fire. Fighting ends up a nuisance more than anything. But regardless, it was fun fun fun! Probably my new favorite of the ones I managed to play. And on the last day too! Got my vote.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks a ton!

We had such great plans for combat, but they went out of scope. :( Pressing Z at the right time was only one of several minigames we thought might be fun to avoid enemy attacks. Sadly, it was prototyped first, and it stuck because we didn't have time to revisit it. It worked and was solid (though obviously not optimal) so we focused more on traversal, which was harder to make satisfying.

I'll pass your comments on to the balance designer! He'll be pleased to hear the progression worked out so well. I was mostly level design and engineering, so I wasn't messing with the numbers too much. (Pro-tip: Assassin's ring is OP because it was accidentally put in red chests instead of gold chests as indended! ;) )


Omg! This game is so addictive! Tbh I'm not much into the 'timed concept', I like taking my time to explore and see what is happening around me.. so I didn't  think I was going to love this game this much! I really wanted to quit after losing my first 2 villagers but damn it I'm not a quitter! LOL This was really fun! Both the dungeon runs and the time in between that we have to talk to the other characters. I ended up stopping when I reached floor 7 I think and god I was so into it! 
Overall: The game ran really smoothly and I thought the graphics and the mapping fit really well together .
Everything but the damn 10 minutes I have to save the world is perfect! XD 
Good luck in the contest! :)


very interesting concept! well done!


I was really into this! It's too bad it blacks out if your time runs out in a battle (at least that's what happened to me) - it was really fun while it lasted though. Good job team!



We tested that case specifically. I wonder if we made a last minute change that broke it, or if it was some strange and rare race condition?


Not sure - but this game was super addictive while I was playing!