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"One sought for adventure, and the other sought for redemption."
Submitted by YonecuraKazumi (@KazumiYonecura) with 1 day, 9 hours before the deadline

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Ranked 86th with 2 votes

People's Choice Vote#862

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  • Theme 

    It’s a story told by a girl to a group of friends about a Seeker who wants to help this dead spirit friend. It works.


    There should be an auto option since the first half is just attack spam. Boring grindfest sidequests. Asking to be lvl 14 wasting more time to grind and maxing out at 15 doesn’t give you any new skills. All you do is spam attack. At least there’s a quest tracker. 


    Some bugs missing graphics and collision issues. Sprite shows rabbit enemy and I get spider which is oddly confusing. The cutscene mode was really grating and something I wish that would stop happening especially or at the very least be presented in a way if the sprites are more animated. Otherwise it's really boring. I do however like the rest of the details and game feel it's trying to achieve. Otherwise really solid.


    I would score this higher but the lack of fast forwarding the text, watching cutscene after cutscene, boring attack spam battles really got to me and detracted so much of the enjoyment on an otherwise promising game.

    Total – 50/80

Team Members
João Yonecura

RPGMaker VX Ace

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This was an interesting entry! The detail you put in with the sprite animations, footsteps in grass and water, and the overall atmosphere were really nice. The mix of resource packs you used was kinda weird, but it didn't stand out too much.

I wasn't a particular fan of the cinematic cutscenes, I think in cases like that where it looks like normal dialogue anyway, it's probably better to let the player choose when to view the next message. Everyone has a different reading pace so it'd avoid people not managing to read everything in time.

The dialogue could be a bit wonky at times so could do with a proofread. I didn't really feel like I fully understood the story. It took a long time to get any explanation about the seekers, and I still don't know quite what happened to Ayah. The npcs were all nice though, could have maybe done with being more consistent with when you used name boxes since some npcs have names, some have generic titles and some get nothing at all.

Some of the item descriptions were too long, namely the Angelica, Heaven Sent, Mushrooms and possibly some others. (I stopped going after all of the items after a while since I felt like I had a lot.) I really liked the options for the hints and battle difficulty.

There were one or two mapping errors I noticed;

Trees in the second map

Half a barrel in Helven(?) Sorry I can't remember, but it was near a little girl.

You can also disappear behind the stairs in the seekers guild, and I did see a crack that looked too long on the great wall.

I picked up the greatsword from the seekers guild but it had a ranged attack animation which I thought looked weird. I felt the battle with the Leecher dragged on for too long and got boring, but I'm not a big fan of turn based combat anyway so I'm a little biased!

It did feel like part of a large and full world which was awesome! It took me 1hr 30 to finish which is a bit sad that it overran the 1hr target. Does feel like there could definitely be more to it, but it did wrap up properly. Great job! :D


Hello Rhino!

I'd like to thank you for taking the time to play the game and make such detailed feedback, I sure appreciate it and I'm also glad to hear that you enjoyed playing the game.

The cutscenes were in fact an attempt to emphasize the story telling by taking control of the characters, letting the player focus entirely on what is being told, but as you stated it would've been better to let the player decide when to skip the texts, I'll take that into consideration for future projects.

I'll also make sure to check out the errors on the maps and the item descriptions as well as the animation incoherences.

The story is indeed part of a bigger picture which I ended up overdoing and couldn't properly fit an overall satisfying explanation about all the elements of the world.

Once again, thank you very much for your comment and best of luck for you on tomorrow's announcement. 

Cheers! (° ∀ °)b


Ahh I like this so much.. the story is so good! I found the conversations really touching between the 'main characters'. The dialogues with the npcs were also really nice. It didn't feel impersonal as I usually feel when dealing with npcs. I like how we came across the quests too, the option to accept was a really nice touch. 
The maps are so nice too.. they were really well put together. I like how easy it is to move in towns. It's easy to know where you need to go with the little signs which is nice.
I like the little herbs you left in the maps for us to find (would have liked some treasures too haha). The passive and aggressive monsters were a really nice touch also, it really gave a new meaning to hunting rabbits XD, in one of those battles however I attacked a fleeing rabbit and got 2 spiders to fight against instead, not sure but it might be because I had been in the map with the spiders already and then got back to the first one again to get the 20 pelts. 
I stopped playing when Rune got wolfnapped with about 1 hour of gameplay and the game ran really smoothly (apart from the little lag I got from the rain effects).
Overall: Personally, I think this was one of the best entries I played for the contest. Story, graphics and gameplay, all was really really good, so it's definitely a good game in my eyes. 
I'm not sure if the game has an end (I hope so!), but I'll be saving it to continue later. I really enjoyed playing this so much and I want to know how the story plays out. I'll also be keeping an eye out on any other games you might do next, this one was so good that I'm really excited to play anything else you might make next.
Good luck in the contest! :)


Hello Kyattchan!

Thank you very much for taking a time to play and comment, I really appreciate it and I'm also really glad to hear that you enjoyed playing the game.

About the bug with the monsters, it didn't happen with me so I wasn't aware of that and I'll take a look at it, also, eventhough I couldn't fit the entire story the game has a proper ending which took me about 1:30h to reach, so you shouldn't be too far from completing it.

Once again thank you for commenting and I hope you have a nice day. o/