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A story about a girl and her abusive mother.
Submitted by Skyforger007 (@Skyforger__) — 2 days, 15 hours before the deadline
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Ranked 17th with 11 votes

Judge's Choice#15n/a
People's Choice Vote#1711

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  • 56/80

    Not the best interaction system as the text delay can cause accidental mistakes, but it uses a rather common interaction system. This does change in the later parts of the game where you have the stereotypical horror-styled event type.

    Not a commonly used story, the concept of the game is simple, but effective. The graphic style, lighting, and sound all work well together to create a strong mood. In addition, the lighting effects are generally well done.

    The game does well with driving the point. Everything works well together in forming a solid storyline. Does well as part of the genre, but there needs to be a few issues fixed such as lagging and the fact that certain NPCs seem to teleport even though they appear to be normal people.


    Graphics were a mix of RTP and other packs. They worked well enough together. The mapping was pretty decent, too.

    The use of colour to denote things you could interact with was a nice touch.

    Writing was alright. It wasn't stunning but it did the job required of it to show the game off. It aimed for an emotional connection but missed the mark a bit, sadly, however it did well enough with the characterisation, even if there were some plot holes.

    The sound was pretty standard. Nothing really atmospheric but some attention was added to make use of sound effects. Nothing stood out as great but nothing was jarring or bad either.

    Music was used to good effect and fit the scenes well most of the time. Some of the tunes were very fitting and helped enhance the atmosphere well.

    Gameplay consisted of standard adventure games - interaction with the environment, choices and the like.

    You could inspect items and get flavour text, use items to get more flavour text and pick them up, and choose items to interact with other items. It did the job well enough in that regard and everything seemed to work fine.

    You had to puzzle out a few things but the puzzles weren't too difficult.

    There was an instant game over part where you had to run away from someone chasing you.

    On the one hand it was a simple game and what was there was done pretty well. One the other hand things weren't really explained very well which is an issue in a game like this which had a mystery. Why was mother crazy? Why could she teleport? What was going on with that?

    It was a decent game but not particularly engaging or memorable and it didn't tug the heartstrings like it wanted to.

    The theme of the game was 'finding the truth' and 'escape'. The game did a decent job showing both aspects in the writing and mechanics side of things. It also presented the mechanics of the interact/use/look choices well in the introduction, which was nice.

  • I was really impressed by this. The atmosphere and gameplay and overall vibe are very cohesive. Puzzle solving was nicely paced but I have mixed feelings about the chase at the end. It made sense in terms of story progression, but it was also the only time in the game you could get a game over which was jarring. I would prompt a save before that starts because nobody’s expecting to have to start over at that point. I loved the way black and white and colors were used and the music was great. Well done all around.

    Score: 63/80

  • Theme

    You need to escape an abusive household. The sequence on the end just broke the theme for me a bit.


    Mostly fetch quest and then trying things on items. There’s a short chase sequence and that’s about it. Repeating things when you already interacted on them + slow text speed was just plain annoying.


    In the beginning already the inconsistent assets are jarring.  There are collision issues here and there. For example, the place where the mother is standing at the intro.


    The chase sequence at the end just removed all matter of immersion I could have had. There are also some weird unexplained plot holes such as, how the hell does your mother teleport across the map and do a spooky motion? Is she a ghost? A witch? What is she? The slow text speed when investigating all items was really annoying.

    Total – 52/80

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I'd rate this game 80/100. - It's pretty nice and I enjoyed it.

The graphics: 15/20
I'm not a fan of black and white graphics to be honest, and it feels weird to have some parts of that coloured, like the water in "Mother"'s room. Plus, I didn't like the way the items look in the bar on the bottom. I'd have enjoyed pixel art more than pictures like that. But still, it looks good and lights give it a great ambience.

The sounds: 14/20
I wasn't very fan of the sounds during the whole game. But I liked how tense it was at the end of the game. So yeah, you lose points because of the main bgm that doesn't add much to the experience.

The story: 18/20 - Careful: spoils.
I like how you denunciate violence against children with that game. Not sure if that's the message you want us to understand, but the depressive thoughts of the girl makes it very deep. Plus the "I need help" makes it way deeper. To me, it means that we can't always carry the world by ourselves and that we should always try and ask for help. This is a pretty nice ending to me. I would just say the story goes to fast to understand everything. Like, it's not that it's difficult to understand, it's just too fast. And you don't have time to get attached to the protagonist, so you don't feel sad about her being empty. Still, the story is pretty cool, I'm just a bit frustrated of the speed of the story.

Difficulty: 15/20 - Careful: spoils.
Well, there isn't any difficulty in the game. But I'll judge this part with how the player feels. Like, does the player understand what they have to do? Not always. In fact, there are three different moments in the game:
- The beginning: "Mother" tells us everything to do, so it's pretty clear. You can even sleep while playing, there's no problem.
- The moment when "Mother" is out. If you've been curious enough, you know exactly what to do. But the part in "Mother"'s room was enough to show the players what to do. You just have to use your brain a little more.
- The escape. OH DEAR. I hate you so much for that. I forgot to save. I HAD TO START ALL OVER AGAIN. A little reminder to save after each sleep would've been pretty good. Because restarting everything was boring. Welp, I didn't know where to go, too. I had to start again a lot, because I was stuck at the beginning, I couldn't find a way out. It was just a little part, but yeah, I almost rage quitted.

Gameplay: 18/20
Oh how I enjoyed the gameplay. Having to use items to unlock some parts of the game, it was pretty good. The "?" over the items you can interact with was a great thing I honestly loved. But well, you can't get a 20/20 with this @!*%$# SlowText plugin. It makes the game slooooooooooow as hell. It's boring more than interesting. You should consider using it differently next time, or not using it at all. I feel like it makes no sense in this game, or just sometimes when the protagonist talks to her "Mother". But I felt like you used it way too much.

So, it's a pretty cool game, I enjoyed it enough to start it all over again just to know the ending. I feel like the story has a deep meaning but you don't need to understand it to understand the story in itself. So it's a matter of whether you want to play it smart or just don't think about it and just follow the story. The player can choose what to understand and it's good. A child could play the game and an adult could see a real meaning of this game. Even though it's slow because of that text plugin, it's a very cool game. I really enjoyed it, and hey, enjoy your vote!


Thank you so much for playing my game and I appreciate the vote! It's always great to read an in depth review! <3


This game accomplished getting the right atmosphere, the sadness, despair and emptiness the protagonist felt.

It somewhat lacks in gameplay and story depth. The game attempted to be too dark but failed, except for the background music and aforementioned features.

It is a good game overall and it got the message right.


Thank you for playing the game and appreciate the honest feedback! :)


Woah, your game was one of the few that dragged my attention, and it was worth the play, I love horror survivor games, and i actually think that the puzzles of your game are similar to the ones in mine. Marvelous work, man, Good Job!


I'm glad that you liked it, and thanks for playing! :)


Very nicely done game!
It really has a dark and hopeless atmosphere... Poor Perdita! 

Well done!


Thank you! I'm glad that you liked it :)


Outstanding! really meaningful.
I recommend you this game.

I hope you don't mind, but I did a Let's Play for youtube of this game and I really enjoyed it! It should be uploaded in about an hour.

Developer (1 edit)

That's totally fine! Just give me a link once it's up! ^_^ Glad that you liked it :)


This was well put together :) You got the atmosphere and the music down just right, it was chilling and sad but still had that glimmer of hope.

I also like the way items were both highlighted in colour and interacted with, though I didn't really see the point in having the greyed out versions staying at the bottom of the screen after use.

Spoilers ahead;

That chase scene was pretty brutal. I'm an idiot who forgets to save, so on my first go I managed a fast save but mother was only two tiles behind me so I couldn't really figure it out. After about 20 fails, I ended up playing the whole game again with a better save and figured out which way to go, after that it was a lot easier to get through 'XD


Haha, thank you for playing and nice to hear that you liked it! :) The point of the greyed out pictures is basically to show the player which items you have used, as some items stay in your inventory after use.