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A jam entry

Story of Dras'lia (v0.5)View game page »

Submitted by ashyramoonwolf with 6 hours, 27 minutes before the deadline

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Team Members
(PLugin from Yanfly, galv, and moghunter mainly)
Else the game is made alone

Rpg Maker MV

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This game is very much in the alpha stages of development and the developer states that this is their first project so I don't want to just go through and point out the  bugs and broken maps and such. There's a much more important point I'd like to get across that will hopefully help them improve their game making skills.

For those of you who are looking for an IGMC 2017 entry to play, this isn't it. It's more of a test bed for ideas then it is a functioning game from what I can tell. If you want to help the developer out and provide some feedback, I'm sure they would much appreciate it, but there's not much to do here besides collect some crafting ingredients and fight some slimes, plants and pixies. If there's more to the game, I wasn't able to find it. 

Now to address the developer. I can see a lot of dreams and goals in place, things that you have plans for and want to implement: a job system, card game, monster collection, crafting/alchemy, day/night/season cycle etc.  Learning something new is usually a challenge and game development is no exception. From what I can tell, you are trying to implement some very advanced features without first getting a firm grasp on the fundamentals that RPG Maker offers out of the box. I highly advise you to create some games that just use the core mechanics that are built into the engine and learn what all of those options do. Work on learning how to event animated cut scenes between characters so you can tell compelling stories. Make a bunch of maps, play around with the animation editor and construct weapons, armor, items and skills. Figure out what all of those traits, Ex and Sp parameters do etc. 

Put together a simple story with a few characters. It doesn't have to be anything original or ground breaking. It can be the age-old "Knight rescues the princess from a dragon" fairy tale. It's not going to be something you're going to try to sell or a game that'll take 30 hours to play. It'll be short and sweet and very basic. What this will do is give you the chance to focus on the very core of what makes a compelling game without the distractions of crafting systems, card games, managing time and seasons, battle arenas, gambling, fishing or whatever other things developers put in their games to try to add that extra little bit of spice to them. Those aren't the things that make a good game. Those are the things that can make a good game a little bit better.

You have a nice looking title screen and menus. Some of the mapping is pretty good. You've undoubtedly acquired a good amount of experience working with plug-ins so when the time comes, pick one to center most of your game play around (crafting maybe). See how much you can do around that one central feature. 

Just like every one of the indie game devs in this competition, you have the potential to make really fun and exciting games. We all started out wanting to make our dream projects right from the beginning. And then we all learned that we needed to take a step back and build up our skills with more simple concepts before being able to achieve those original ideas. You'll get there in time and I look forward to seeing what you create in the future. Keep with it and good luck. 


Hi, thank you to played my game, and thank you for the feedback!

You are right about the game, Styory of Dras'lia is planned to be bigger than a one hour game, but i thought IGMC 2017 is an opporutinity to have advice, find people to help (as i'm alone), and see hos people can react to my creations! (I do not exactly remember where i was in the development when i posted the game but...

As it come from a bigger game, I invite you yo play "Dream inn" who is more the storypart of the project! (When i learned we can have 21 project, i made a gameplay one, and a story one!

Do not hesitate to help if either you want too!

Also you are right, i try to use many feature, many are working nice from what i know (as season, day and night), many things will change in the future but i take my time!

I perfectly know that the feature are just a "plus", and story is the most important, But with while we do a game, we do it with what we want in it!
(I'm french, excuse my mistake, if either i do some mistake

Have a nice day and thanks again.