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A jam entry

A Stranger In NeedView game page »

Will you be able to help a stranger?
Submitted by Ye Olde Bearded Dude with 5 days, 19 hours before the deadline

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I thought that the story is quite good. The biggest flaw in my opinion is that even though the choices make sense, there isn't a clear way of knowing how they're going to affect the story.(Though you did say that the game is based off events that happened to you in real life. So that does put the player in the shoes of a real person, and less of a character in a game. Putting "based off a true story" or something similar in the credits could help them connect to your experiences and put the game in perspective.) There's also that it starts off a tad bit weak, as if the story isn't taking itself seriously(Like the Shatner joke or breaking the fourth wall), but it does end strong and I felt emotionally invested in the end. I really appreciated that there was a save between all five acts so that you could easily test out all the choices. Overall I enjoyed it a lot.

A good concept with good execution, but not quite perfect. The way the story is presented is a little weak. I suppose you've gotten your concept from Emily is Away (though if you haven't, then kudos to you for coming up with this even if someone did it first). While the story of Emily is Away wasn't perfect either (I'm a writer and a literary theorist and critic, so) the method of that game was its strong suit. If you're looking to make this better, I suggest reviewing or re-reviewing Emily is Away.


Thanks for the feedback. I've never heard of Emily is Away before now, but I'll definitely check it out.  The story is based on something that happened to me 18 years ago.  Fortunately I got the good ending in real life, but I always wondered what would've happened if I had made different choices. This game was an opportunity for me to explore that.

Very interesting. Really reminds me of the feeling I get at the end TellTale's Game of Thrones.


Never played that, so I'm hoping that's a good thing.


This was really good! It's the first entry I actually played through the entire way. Your writing is incredible!


Thanks! Glad you liked it. Hope you were able to find all the endings.