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Submitted by RedHoodJT — 4 days, 13 hours before the deadline

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Judge feedback is anonymous.


    RTP graphics. Mapping is very much by a new developer who falls prey to many of the usual mapping issues - missing walls, randomly generated dungeons, very few decoration tiles, etc.

    Sound is all RTP basic. Same with music. Nothing stood out as either jarring or particularly good.

    Writing is pretty bad with grammar, punctuation and spelling errors all through. The story is decent and was interesting at least. The characterisation was rather flat but at least it was attempted.

    Gameplay was typical jRPG fare. Skills were all default for the default classes and you fight default enemies with default weapons, armour and items to aid you. The game was for the most part decently balanced until the last boss who was impossible to beat due to how much damage they did and the class choice I'd made at the start (samurai, meaning only a weak weapon near the start).

    Even with the best armour for that battle the enemy would two shot you (one shot our mage) and thus, this was an impossible battle unless you were prepared to grind for piss-poor experience.

    Bugs: You could walk on ceilings due to missing walls. One of the tents teleported you to a different tent.

    I don't enjoy grinding forever in order to beat just one boss. Why did you make me do this?

    Dumb decisions was the theme of this game - the king made a big ol' dumb decision and paid for it. The party made the dumb decision of trusting the king. I paid for it.


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