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In the near future a virus cause extinction of human race, and a new race - beastmen has been create.
Submitted by takkongguy — 8 days, 17 hours before the deadline

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Ranked 45th with 5 votes

People's Choice Vote#455

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  • 42/80

    Fun concept and story, though it feels like an all-ages demo of an adult game. The fact that even within the beastmen, there is division and racism is a nice touch.

    Why is the grass on top of the tree? What happened to the tree that it has a perfectly square section cut out of it? Why does nobody ever fix these things?  Ok, seriously. Even if she is a swine, I think those proportions are a tad odd. The nice mecha suit is all nice and everything, but at what point does he suit up? Does he like tell the enemies: Oh please wait until I get into my mecha suit. And the enemies are like: Ok, sure! But wait, they are robots! So after all the work that was put into making the environment feel real, you are adding something to break that?

    The game made use of little details to make the story a bit different from similar stories. This was a nice touch.

    Please fix your issues, don't make the game broken the moment I regain control. The game needs a bit of balancing as the fights are basically straightforward and that doesn't help with boss fights. Old games got away with it by having otherwise great mechanics or story, but hitting attack or heal repeatedly doesn't really help with excitement levels.

    Also, AD 2033, Virus causes people to be impotent.  AD 2113, 80 years later, animal people are invented. AD 2193, 80 years later, we have the 7th generation.   80/7 is 11. We'll say 12. Even assuming that the first set was first generation, 80/6 is 13. We'll say 14. This game is rather... questionable in content as it is.

  • In its current state this is not very substantial. I would have liked to see more of the human-animal hybrid characters just because there’s a lot of potential for neat character designs - although how Lilli manages to stand up straight is anyone’s guess. The battles were okay even if I was pretty surprised to see the giant robot the main character is operating since he doesn’t appear on the map. A passable start but it ends so abruptly that it’s hard to judge in detail.

    Score: 31/80

rpgmaker mv

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Nice idea but too short, too booby, too ducking and lack of mechanical armor on the main map, it was weird to see small guy on the map and big giant ducking robot in the fight. Game main sin is being too short but it was fun short.

The fight and the monster are great, however, it's hard to tell what going on, because it just went to game over after the ''Boss' and I did'nt know if it was a bug or not. I doubt you can say Fuck or Fucking. I don't think it's fit in the contest rules. And also.... Boobs.

Honestly, this is a hard game for me to rate.  For one thing the game is extremely short which means it has little time to leave an impression.  Plus, I'm constantly being distracted by the games poor grammar.  And to top things off.  I'm not even sure if this game is within the bounds of the rules of the contest.  After all, the game basically ends with Lili preparing to force herself on her partner in the middle of a secluded spot in the woods.


Thank you very much for the test play, appreciate the feedback.

yea english is not my first language ,will try my best to fix it. Thanks again.


Omg - I'm crying at the ending!


Um.. this looks like a cool game, but the rules say no adult themes. im not sure about the use of large breast, and cuss words.


I am pretty sure that refers to AO games, to be fair. M games are fair game as was covered on their discord IIRC.

I know these posts were a while ago but that's good info to know especially if some one else feels inspired to make a game knowing what they can and cannot do.