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Submitted by Yoobii — 13 days, 12 hours before the deadline

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Ranked 9th with 21 votes

People's Choice Vote#921

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  • Theme

    Yume Nikki inspired. It’s about a struggling young mother and her lazy daughter. It goes into wtf territory really quick and the twist is pretty alluring.


    Some annoying parts here and there because of desynch but short enough to be inoffensive. However, the worst part about this game is the sheer amount and speed of the headsplitters. It's a miracle I even finished this game. 


    Nice graphics and sound track. Maps are also more on the artsy side. The hints about the mother-daughters relationship is very interesting. I also like the amount of background story hidden from you.


    I wanted to know what’s going on so it’s pretty good. I just wish there’s more to it and less headsplitters near the ending. After seeing that one segment on the ending, I just felt like all that trouble was not worth it.

    Total – 65/80

  • 38/80

    Unsure if the layering issues are intended or accidental. Plunger area is frustrating due to the boxes not being evenly synced making it so you have to wait for them to somewhat resync as the hit boxes aren't clear. It feels like the hitboxes are poorly implemented, especially in that area and that area alone can take half an hour or more depending on box sync (if you miss your timing, you have to wait for it to resync, especially due to the awkward hitbox in that area).

    The later areas are just frustrating due to how the levels are designed and what appears to be random movement combined with chase movement.

    The ending was rather... odd. I don't even know how to describe it. It just felt odd.


    Graphics are custom and look good. You can tell what things are supposed to be though at some times it can be a little hard to do so. The mapping is very empty and bare, though, with rooms that have maybe one item in them. It's extremely minimalistic.

    Sound is well done - nothing amazing but nothing bad - with basic sound implemented. The same with music - nothing grand but nothing jarring.

    Writing is very much a minimalistic style with deliberate bad use of punctuation. The story is hidden but visible with enough interactions. Characterisation is barely there.

    Gameplay consists of walk, talk and dodge.

    The main gameplay component is the unlock/clog/change/etc puzzles which consist of dodging fast-moving blocks that teleport you back to the start of the puzzle. The idea is to reach a teleport at the end of a puzzle to jump to the next puzzle, until you get to the end one. Thankfully you don't get set all the way back to the start of the puzzle, but back to the start of the one you made it to.

    There's also a lot of dodging to be done in the last area, from monsters who chase you around. Interacting with blocks will change the area back and forth from sleep to awake - monsters disappearing in the wake world but appearing in sleep.

    The game was interesting and as a whole it was an artistic telling of a mother who sacrificed one child for the other. The way it was presented was interesting - with you playing the older daughter in the sleeping world making her way through the areas in order to kill her sister in the waking world (not that you knew that that was what you were doing) and then jumping back in time to play the mother making her way back through the waking world to sacrifice the older daughter to try and save the younger.

    That said, the monster dodging and some of the puzzles were incredibly frustrating.

    The theme was dream vs wake and sacrificial lamb and it was presented well in the visual aspects. Things tied together quite well (the puzzles the daughter used to help the villagers then being used to destroy her mind) and it really helped create a whole.


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corrupt but good


ebic my dude

right in the nigggy!

yoob suck me off

How you managed to finish this in such little time still amazes me, I'm truly impressed.


I really liked this game. At first, I though it was just some kind of random psychological thing, but I was heavily wrong. Congratulations!

Sadly, I didn't understand the ending, and I didn't take care to save so I can't replay the 1-second scene to better analyze it :(


Wow, this is really, really good. Probably the best game I've played so far in this jam. It makes my project like awful in comparison.

The only thing that really bothered me was the last "puzzle" in easy mode, before you make it to the final area. It just seemed really random, and it took a lot longer than I was hoping for. Also, the ending was a bit sudden, though that might change at some point, or I just got a bad ending.

This is still really, really good though. Even if this doesn't win first place. I will be SEVERELY disappointed if it doesn't get at least third place.


Also, I'm about 90% sure that you're a wizard, considering you managed to finish this game 13 goddamn days before the deadline. How on Earth you managed to do that I'll never know.


thank you!!


I got to the second part, but I wasn't able to complete the mother daughter interaction on easy.


was it because of a bug?


No, just too difficult. I'm not great at games, but I tried to get the pattern down for 10 minutes and wasn't able to get past it. Just seems like the easy mode usually allows for more appreciation of the story instead of bringing a extreme challenge in gameplay. If you don't want to change it that's fine, I'm just curious to know what happens next.


what is this its hard to play even on normal due to the fact the the little moving block area is larger than it seems which isn't a problem in a lot of the places until the toilet which has like 7 block all moving at once and you have to time it exactly and even then cause of the invisible border it might still fail.


Yeah, I had the same problem. the hearts area was like a whole lot bigger than the square, and I spent like 10 minutes on just one level thing. Still cool though. Also, its very similar to under tale. with the whole heart thing. other than that, original.


yeah i never played undertale but i can see this game was trying to go for that style for game even the character sprite resembles the one from undertale


i wasn't going for undertale, but it sure seems like it haha


AHH, the screenshot looks adorable! I can't wait to play! :)