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Tips for making bad art

A topic by LineartLemur created Apr 10, 2019 Views: 331 Replies: 10
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I myself would call myself an "artist" now, I got some tips from friends on how to make bad art so if anyone needs ideas on how to make bad art:

1) draw with your non-dominant hand

2)draw with your eyes closed

3)draw with a timer (like, draw the game character in 1 minute)

4) grab one of your old toddler drawings and redraw that

5) draw with a mouse

6) Do all 5 at the same time

Hopefully that will be enough to draw programmer art!


ha, i don't have a tablet or stylus so i'm already doing #5


These are pro tips, Thanks!


Here's a few other tips that I use.

  1. Keep everything asymmetrical.
  2. Draw limbs by moving your mouse/hand quickly in the leg's general shape.
  3. Keep straight lines to a minimum.
  4. Make anything round have unnecessary bulges.

You should have some dank programmer art! 

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Good additions!

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What about distorted proportions, you could make great art then apply distortion filters to make it really bad.


Yeah, but that takes longer than just slapping something together that looks really bad to begin with.

Don't forget to use MS Paint!

Shit I need to practice this


I drew everything in my entry with a mouse, but then again I ALMOST ALWAYS DRAW WITH A MOUSE.


I don't need this tips for drawing bad art, i'm just good at it.