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Give the worst game engine you've heard of.

A topic by Albino Dino created Apr 09, 2019 Views: 261 Replies: 7
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To celebrate bad art I decided to use a terrible engine. Could I have some suggestions?


Not terrible in that it does what it's meant to but using it for anything other than education purposes is probably a bad idea.



Android Studio


RPG Maker! 


I resonate with this choice.

In terms of limitation... Construct Free Edition. The engine in itself isn't bad, it's the limitations.

There's also the VX Ace lite, which is free. For a good example of what can be accomplished with even that much limitation-look at Dreaming Mary. The art is superb, though watch out for the horror. Not for the faint of heart. Don't be fooled by the pastel pinks!


Pixel Maker MV. That's the worst. Bad UI, bad translation of the UI elements, unclear and limited options. It's glitchy a bit. Honestly, you shouldn't buy it just to produce kusoge (crap game.)

thank you so much I've  started making the game I won't tell you what I chose yet.


Try making a web build in JS Fuck. Good luck, have fun, see you in a hundred years.