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shoot em
Submitted by Colonel Sandwich — 2 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline
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it's finally done

what a journey!! kudos once again on the rad game and rad music B)


just dropping by one more time to post my high score... i'd like to see anyone beat this :P


Awesome job man, I didn't expect anyone to actually play far enough to make it through. You rock!!


hey colonel, I passed wave 14 and the enemies stopped spawning! is there supposed to be a final boss or is this just the end of the game...?


Thanks for the heads up, I was running out of jam time so I never even tested the final boss haha.

Boss now spawns and I also made wave 14 significantly easier. Uploading the new build right now.


aw sweet 😎 time to beat this game once and for all


agh i still can't pass wave 14 but at least i have a rad new high score!!


Dang, you're good. I honestly didn't think anyone would get that far, huge congrats!

Host (1 edit) (+1)

This is a lot of fun! The game balances the retro shooter genre with the scribble graphics really well and uses a bunch of neat graphical effects to make the game very inviting and addictive to play. Things like the warping geometric background, shooting/hit effects, and the way enemies materialize in add a lot of polish and make this look awesome. The charge attack is a really neat idea and I love the shield effect that it creates. I also love the background track too! 

As there's a bunch of shoot-em-ups in the genre my advice would be to think about how you can refresh the formula and develop innovative ideas if you were to work on this further - maybe some unique powerups with scribble-y effects!

Thanks for submitting this game to the I CAN'T DRAW jam! 


this game is crazy fun!! i've been playing for a good hour or so but i've only managed to get to wave 5... great work on the challenging gameplay :)


Thank you! I'm about to upload a new version that makes things a bit easier, even I have a bit of difficulty with it lol


me and a friend are competing for the high score, but he currently has me beat me with 9400. this game is addicting hehe