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I can't draw, thus I typedView game page

Submitted by pkj0123 — 2 days, 19 hours before the deadline
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I can't draw, thus I typed's page

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This is a fun rage-quit platformer in the style of I Wanna Be The Guy and similar clones that require a lot of memorization and precision to avoid LOTS OF DEATHS. I like the idea of substituting graphics with words which is very in tune with the jam idea, and the minimal retro music with its death screen chime is now forever etched into my memory. 

I came into this game not knowing what to expect, I left seething with incredible rage. I am no longer the person I once was after this  game. My sleep is forever disturbed by rapidly appearing spikes materializing from the void, moving goal posts, and disappearing platforms, causing me to hurtle into the depths, dying once again. I now know that I was not playing a game. I was playing...a nightmare. 

Would recommend though. 

Thanks for submitting this game to the I CAN'T DRAW jam! 


Thanks a whole bunch for writing such an elaborate review of my game! Seeing all these positive comments on my game really fills me with a sense of accomplishment. 

To be honest, I to make this game is because it is one of the few genre that can easily pass a bug as a feature, saving me quite some programming trouble. Thank you for hosting this game jam and made me push myself to learn something new!


i'm going to make all my friends play this game. good work :P

only 62 deaths, that's not bad, right? ;w;

Developer (1 edit)


I wish I have friends


Everything about this game makes me angry, which must be why I like it a lot :)

Good work on the jam!


Thanks for the compliment!