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Follow the career of lawyer, Anderson Vacado, as he tries to defend the inocent under the toughest of conditions!
Submitted by SilverBlaze (@silvers_tweets) — 7 days, 3 hours before the deadline
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We LOVE LawVacado. Please keep making the game because we want to play! We're invested.


Haha! Don't worry. LawVacado will be completed and will be a full game with multiple cases to go through. ;b


I really like the ambition behind this project and hope you're able to develop it into a full story! It's a very good emulation of the Ace Attorney -style court VN genre and I like how you added a bizarre touch with animals and vegetables to make the world more unusual and unique! It looks like you put a lot of effort into setting up the dialogue, menu and evidence system and hopefully you can stretch out the case so we can all figure out what happened and save the broccoli from prosecution! 

As far as feedback, you might want to think about how to distinguish the game mechanics from the Ace Attorney format - maybe testimony or cross-examination has its own unique system, or there might be branching dialogue options or minigames to spice things up! Whilst following a similar game can be really good inspiration don't let it confine where you feel you can take a project! 

Thanks for submitting this game to the I CAN'T DRAW jam! 


Thanks! This is really good advice, and I'll be sure to take it to heart as the development of LawVacado continues. I'm glad you enjoyed what there is so far, and hope you keep a watch on it's progress as it get's closer to a complete game. With the help of the rest of Team Mighty Sausage, I'm sure we can create something absolutely amazing, fun and exciting to play.

Thanks for playing!


Definitely keep me in the loop with the development (not just because I'm the judge in the game or anything!) I'm excited to see where it goes. Thanks again for participating  and feel free to reach out to keep me posted! I'm sure it'll shape up to become a great game! 


shame the case isn't fully playable, but what you have is looking really polished! great work!



Yeah, I might still put one last little update in before Charlmes plays it, if I can get this little bit of code working correctly.
If I can, it'll have a fully functioning first testimony/cross examination.

But until I know it works, this version is the one to play.


o i'll be on the lookout for it :)


Well, the Beta Version 1 is here and ready to play!

While it's not a complete case, and you don't get to do the reall fun stuff, It's all I could get finished for the time being, and I have other projects that need tending too.

So I hope you all enjoy LawVacado as it is right now. And I hope you keep following along as it gets closer and closer to a Version 1.0!


A bit more time on the delay meter, but by tomorrow afternoon it should be ready for everyone to enjoy.


Propper playable demo case will be available later today. Keep an eye out for the dev log update. ;3