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Energy-driven roguelite TDS
Submitted by lentinant — 8 days, 8 hours before the deadline
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great work dude, very clever energy mechanics and it plays super smooth!


Thanks! =D


This is a really fun roguelike-ish shooter with lots going for it - it has maze-like exploration, upgrades, and lots of enemy types that really encourages the player to keep going and finish! There's a lot of polish to the game and it handles really well. I like the different enemy types - my favorite was the enemy that sorta sticks to you and hampers your movement! The key system made exploring and encountering different rooms interesting and I think it was a good idea to have a system where you could only acquire bonuses by waiting in the room to incentivize defeating enemies. Great work! 

A few points of advice to make this game even better - Firstly, if you do run out of ammo it kinda can put you in a rut as there's no easy way to recover - maybe a station that regenerates a small amount of energy at some point in the stage may be useful. Secondly, despite some fun enemy types and 'levelled' areas, the difficulty is fairly reduced as it's easy to avoid all the enemies and get from room to room. Maybe adding upgrades i.e. speed or faster enemies in some areas might shake it up a little. Thirdly, the rooms are fairly similar and sparse - maybe some obstacles might help? 

Thanks for submitting this game to the I CAN'T DRAW game jam! 

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for feedback, charlmes! "Out of ammo" situations and harmless enemies are my next milestone. Rooms with obstacles, however, will require some additional rework (including pathfinding and proper room patterns), so I will leave it for future improvements (which will definitely come, as my jam submission is barebone representation of core idea).

Thanks for organizing this great jam, encouraging people to implement their game ideas!

v e r y n i c e <3 <3 


Thanks :D


Hey! This is a neat idea. Reminded me of Berzerk (that old arcade game). Good work :)




Nice game. It feels really feature complete with the mini map and combat system.


Thanks for feedback! I think I can use it as roguelike framework even if main idea will turn out to be not the good one =)