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Few questions about the Jam, since its my first

A topic by PainKiller3000 created Mar 07, 2018 Views: 289 Replies: 3
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1. Am i allowed to use the code from Ben's free RPG tutorial as a base code? I'll add my stuff and few mechanics there as well, depending on the theme.

2. Am i allowed to start making the base code for my game now or am i waiting for the 23rd?

3. And also, is there anyone that would like to help me out with this project? i need a 2d artist that can make art similar to the characters and animation from the game duelyst, doesn't have to be that detailed tho. 

Im working in game maker 1.4 btw.


Im also working on GMS1.4
I never participated in a game jame but:
1. No, im pretty sure you have to make your own code completly
2. You can only import the BASE so like you're movement engine, effects, things not specific to certain games
3. Im doing pixel art but it's REALLY bad compared to any games like Duelyst man ;)


Thank you for the info, and also i think doing pixel art similar to the duelyst for a game thats made within 3 days is kinda too much, didnt rly think that through, so i should rly keep it simple, could you send me some of your work

Hey, you can check out my "art" in my first game ever made: