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A jam entry

TheLastKlownDyeView game page »

In a semi empty factory for the klowndye packet snackets, you struggle to get the last one...
Submitted by Amidaes with 31 minutes, 45 seconds before the deadline

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The platforming controls are good, but I did not manage to use the glove, I always die after getting it, I cant grab the sponge. And then the glove is gone forever it seems.


yeah its a bug with respawn, the room never resets, i just transport the player to their last save. kinda bad on my part :/


I was enjoying it until I hit a progress-destroying bug. There was of course that slow-mo glitch, but also simply entering a room which had no way out completely blocked progress. It just needed some testing to find these things out, as well as room transitions which starts you off falling into spikes which barely allowed you to react in time.

Aside from these problems, I have to give some merit on the core gameplay, it was pretty neat, I just wished the problems didn't bar the player's enjoyment from using it.


which room had no way out? and yeah i thought having spikes there was  a good idea, but probs not :)

This one:

There doesn't seem to be any way to get out. I've also encountered another glitch after playing some more, if the player dies after just getting the gauntlet before reaching the next checkpoint (not just in the slow-mo part, it's any lava pit), the gauntlet disappears entirely.


yeah the bug has to do with respawn not remembering the glove properly... as to that room, climb up

I tried climbing up earlier and it just didn't transition into the next room. Works fine now after retrying, sorry. Shame you had you cut it short, it seemed like you had some fun ideas for the story.


If you die during the slow motion part you stay in slow motion.
If you die during the slow motion bit after grabbing the glove it's gone forever.

I never did learn how to grab onto the sponge, none of the keys I pressed ever seemed to do anything.


mouse key left button grabs it, mouse controls. and yeah the glove dissappearing is a bug with the respawn... :(


as  to dieing in slow mo, i hadnt actually thought of that. lots of thing i need to fix now :D


Man I really enjoyed this, but I really struggled with the controls and pixel perfect grabbing, I managed to get all the burgers, but looks like they don't actually do anything. I genuinely liked the visuals, theirs not much to look at as in backgrounds and tiles, but the characters have a lot of charm to them. Nice work


Thank You! I kind bit off a lot more than i could chew... and yeah the grabbing needed a bit of work :p


I noticed a bug with respawn... the slow motion area to grab glove doesnt work after respawning. will fix when i have the chance.

I can't even get past the first room.


if stuck in the text box, press space... after that move right (mario style)

Oh sorry i didn't phrase that right. I get past the first room, it's the next one I can't get past. You put the spikes right in the doorway and I can't jump over it.


land on the floor befor the spikes... srry, they only get ya if you fall onto them.

You uploaded an installer version. Nobody wants that, reupload a zip or exe.


i changed the download for the game to a single runtime executable, dunno if thats what you mean hope it works...

(Edited 1 time)

You might've provided the wrong exe, this is an installer. Can you upload a standalone version?


i changed download to single runtime executable, dunno if thats what is meant