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Pizza MadnessView game page

Run and shoot a slice of pizza at the tomato
Submitted by Raccoon_JS — 15 hours, 24 minutes before the deadline

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It was really hard to read the intro text but something tells me a compelling story isn't really this game's focus.

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The control scheme is awful, having to spin your character with left/right to target on moving objects is torture and I don't know why people do it. :/

Tomatoes have too much life for what's essentially an asteroids like game. Somnivore pretty much said everything.

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Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback. Your response was the best so far.


How did this game manage to be 127MB

Am I missing something

Thanks for actually including a Linux version BTW (even though in the zip it's labeled as the macOS version.)  A lot of these guys marked their game as having a Linux version when in reality there was only a Windows executable.  Maybe they figured I'd run their game in wine or something.

Anyway: the game itself is pretty rough.  It's not pleasing on the eyes.  I didn't bother reading whatever instructions were given to me, outside of controls.  I shot pizza at tomatoes, didn't feel satisfied about it, don't understand the connection.  The most entertaining thing I got out of this game was holding 'R' while having no pizza boxes left to flood the screen with pizza boxes.  The controls and gameplay were unpleasing so I did not feel compelled to continue through the game, despite ammo being virtually infinite.

Some ideas to make the game more entertaining:

  • Aim with mouse (I'm already half way there due to left clicking to fire)
  • Faster movement speed, in any direction, no tank controls
  • Larger play area
  • Greater enemy variety, more dangerous enemies making a faster movement speed useful
  • Greater pizza weapon variety, maybe pizza bombs or something, or a melee attack to allow the player to run out of ammo
  • Scarcer ammo
  • More feedback (audio/visual) for when a pizza hits an enemy and when an enemy is killed

Thanks for the feedback!


Aside from distributing the executable and the data .pck in the same .zip folder, as it was said before, the idea behind the game is very original and cool... but the playability could be 100 times better if i could shoot with my mouse.
The rotation with A/D is rather slow and since you only shoot forward and with shift, hitting the tomato monsters while keeping in movement becomes way too hard and frustrating.
I give 5/5 to the music though.

Developer (2 edits)

Thanks for the feedback. I will update this game but with much more better control. 


You should zip the binaries, also the turn speed was a bit rough making me not playing as much as I'd like to. Good effort, great music.


I tied to download it for Windows but you only uploaded the .exe file. It needs the .pck file too to run.


Nevermind spoke too son. I see it now.