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2D Driving based game
Submitted by TeCK_DeV (@TeCK_Ad) — 1 day, 2 hours before the deadline

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Submitted (1 edit)

Simple and fun! I think 60seconds is not scarce enough. I tried the hard difficulty and I had plenty of time to finish the race before running out of time.


I am quite aware of that, but 60 seconds is enough time to take your time finishing the level. And thank you for playing my game, glad you've enjoyed it.


This is a great example of beauty in simplicity. Despite the simple controls and extremely simple visuals, this game is a lot of fun to play. Gaining speed, zipping past blocks, and drifting around corners feels so good!

The music is also super dope. It makes you feel cool, it's kinda funny, and it fits the retro racing action really well. 

My main issue is that the camera was so zoomed in, it made it sometimes impossible to dodge blocks. The Web 0.2 is a lot better about this, but I think having even more distance from the edge of the screen would be beneficial.

Besides that, I really enjoyed this one a lot :)


Have spent a surprising amount of time playing this game. It's entertaining. And that music!


Pretty fun game, the visuals achieved the desired effect, but I personally do not care much for that effect. Its a pretty addictive game in general, but more levels would be nice.


Thank you for playing my game, and glad you've enjoyed it.


Pinoy ako. :)

I've encountered a glitch where the timer doesn't work and the seconds keep going into negative, allowing me to take my sweet time - essentially removing all the intended difficulty.


Thank you for this bug report, during my testing, I have not really encountered this bug, but thanks. And I am also Pinoy


The music is really catchy, but I wish the camera stayed centred on the car - I can't react to obstacles that fast!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Yes, I am aware of that, since I was achieving smooth camera movement, but somehow failed by your review, Thank you for playing my game and I will remove this feature and put it in the center.

Edit: This feature was originally competitive but since the design of the camera movement is somehow slow I've improved it. So removing it would be unnecessary. You can still access the version called "Web-0.2".