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HawkZombie is Having a Birthday,

But You Can Get The Gifts!

Hawkzombie, Variety Twitch Streamer (with a larger focus on RPG and Indie titles) , is opening up his very first Game Jam, and wants you to help him celebrate his birthday in style! Over the next month you have the opportunity to create a cool game that may not only be featured on his Twitch Channel LIVE during his special Birthday Stream, but could also win Steam Gift Card prizes!

The Theme for this year is:


Take this as you will! Undead Armies? Bare-Bones Group of Soldiers?
It's all up to you.


  1. Your game can be made with any engine and can be any genre, as long as it follows the theme (and your intrepretation of it)
  2. The game must be OK to stream on Twitch
  3. You entry must be completed within the allotted time-frame. NO LATE ENTRANTS
  4. Ripped assets are allowed. But please try your best to use original or free-to-use graphics and music
  5. Please keep the maximum length of the game at 2-3 hours long
  6. Teams and Collabs are welcome! The prizes will be awarded to the head of the team, and will then be up to then to divide as necessary
  7. Any games or devs found to not be following any of these rules will have their game disqualified

*All entrants retain full ownership of the games they submit, and may do with their properties as they see fit. Hawkzombie reserves the right to use footage from their games purely for promotion purposes only, in relation to his Twitch and YouTube channels.


The HawkZombie's Halloween Birthday Jam submission period will run from September 5th to October 20th, and the evaluation/review/voting phase will occur from October 21st to 31st. The Grand Prize Winners will be announced live on HawkZombie's Twitch channel on October 31st, as he plays the top five finalists!

1st Prize is a $50* Steam Gift Card
2nd Prize is a $25* Steam Gift Card
3rd Prize is a $10* Steam Gift Card

*All funds are in CAD


Want to chat about the Jam? Share your comments, concerns, or just stuff about your project? Join our Discord! I've set up a special chat JUST for the Game Jam, and there are plenty of other areas you can make yourself at home at. Hope to see you there!


Common questions about the jam. Expect this area to change over time!

Q. Why so much time?!
A. Um...well...this is my first jam, and in my head I was thinking more time means more polish! My next jam will be for 2 weeks, instead of a month and a half. Hopefully the extended timeframe of this first jam won't be a detriment. And I'm learning for next time!

Q. Are you really going to stream all the entries?
A. If there are five or less, yep! If there are more than five, it will be the top five with the highest raitings as voted on by the community. I plan on streaming for 8-10 hours on the 31st, so I will do my best to play each to completion on stream. After I've played all the eligible entries, the winners will be announced live.

Q. When will the birthday stream begin?
A. The birthday stream will start at 

Q. Will the judging be live as well?
A. Sadly, no. The judges and I will have already of played the games in full and decided which will be the winners before the stream. This is because I may not be able to play the full length of the games on stream due to time constraints. Also, the judges have to play them before as simply watching me play may not enable them to judge the game fairly.

Q. Why are the prize funds in Canadian?
A. I'm from Canada. Also, the prizes themselves were generously donated by my close friend. So if you see someone named Lord Savok in your travels, give him a high five and a thanks ;)

Q. Can I win by default?
A. Yes and no. If no one else enters and your entry is the ONLY one (Or the only two) then you will be guaranteed a prize. However, if you simply enter a game that doesn't rate very well according to theme and fun factor, you may not get the grand prize by default. So make sure it's a good, quality game!

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Role Playing