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This conversation never happened...

A topic by Ursaminor Media created 96 days ago Views: 52 Replies: 2
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Just for fun, I'm thinking of doing a thread where we can share our favorite lines from Film Noir movies and Whodunit mysteries:

(Mine are as follows...)

"Watch the Caboose, Charlie" ~ holodeck scenario from Star Trek: First Contact, where Picard dresses as a 1920's gangsta and shoots up 2 Borg units.

"This conversation never happened." (and variations) ~ commonly used film noir/spy flick line.

"Surely you must be joking?" ... "No, I'm serious... and don't call me Shirley" ~ Airplane

"Do not attempt to adjust the picture" ~ you gotta know where this came from!

"The butler did it." (and variations) ~ commonly used whodunit line.

Feel free to think of any of your own favorites, and append it as a reply to this thread. Thanks!

Ooh ooh ooh, I forgot one:

"Here's looking at you, kid" ~ Bogart fan fav line


Where were you on the night of the murder?

Used in detective films lots. I love how direct and , at times, comical this line can be.