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鈥媀oted for the best Great Spring Game Jam: 2021

A topic by E1e5en created 89 days ago Views: 173 Replies: 6
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This vote was created by the participants. The survey is based on Google Forms.


- to vote, you must have a Google account;

- you can take the survey only ONCE. You cannot edit or delete your results. Be careful;

- you can choose 3 games you like;

- to preserve the time intrigue, the results of the answers and the pivot charts will be available later (by the same link).


Be honest with others and with yourself. =)


Link to the voting form:

P.S. I am using this service for the first time, if there are problems, let me know, I will correct it.


Thanks again for making this! So many games, so hard to choose! :D


You are welcome! Nobody is in a hurry, so choose =)


The best gratitude for me would be if you play my game and tell me about your impressions =)


I opened access to the voting results. At the moment, 15 people have voted. You can vote, the results are available to those who voted. Follow the same link:


how can i see results


They can only be viewed by those who voted. If you have already voted, then follow the same link and there will be a corresponding link on the form