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Manage your train, defend against bandits and make money by hauling goods!
Submitted by Quizzo, henrikfuck, GoldSage
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Presentation (itch listing)#83.1043.400
Game Play / Game Feel#123.1043.400
Innovation / Experimentation#162.9213.200
Art Direction#193.1043.400
Level Design#242.0082.200

Ranked from 5 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous and shown in a random order.

  • Nice concept, and well put together! Even though I didn't get very far, partly due to hiring the mercenary, I could sense a lot of stuff to do. It's also very easy to visualize this game being a great starting point for modular expansion (more carts, more events, thematic and difficulty differences in routes, and so on). I found the combat portion to be satisfying. However, the game could've done well to explain its mechanics better! It took a long while for me to find the "cargo value" button. (Why was that even a button? The expanded UI didn't hide anything but water!) I also hired a mercenary without understanding he would use up passenger space. All that said, I had a good time playing! Well done!
  • Haulin silver on the murder express. This game got quite some potential. I think the combat can be a bit repetitive, and frankly i feel it would me more fun to play as the bandits ambushing the train rather than the train on rails shooting bandits. But maybe that is just my antisocial streak. Good game, nice music. I like that it opens with some high octane action
  • Giddy up and start hauling goods! (but no silver despite the name). Silver Hauler, a resource management, anti-train heist, literal railway shooter. Is a game where you buy and sell goods, and travel about the planet to Although it has simple gameplay, it holds up for sure! The game features different types of carts to maximize your efficiency on the tracks and against the bandits.. if you have the cash to support it of course. I would love to see more different types of weaponry and more stats to keep track of along with them though! The more informed I am when making choices on what to get or upgrade, the better it feels! And an added arsenal of weapons would give the game a bigger replay value. Focus on replayability and build diversity! The game's artstyle is simple and old-school! It keeps itself consistent over the course of the game, and along with the sounds, makes for a pretty nostalgic experience. The music is fantastic and fast paced, and really helps to sell the hectic gameplay as well as the calm and a bit suspicious stations. I think if you work more on the UI, enemy types and the weapons, you'll have a great game with tons of replayability!
  • Fun concept overall! Some aspects were not clear at all, like how do I sell the resources when I arrive at a city that needs them? The fending off attackers between towns is fun but it also gets very repetitive and old after a few times
  • Very neat and polished game! I like the look and the game offers some tactical chooses and some challenging game-play. The artwork is nice and slowly but steadily you pick up on features and game-play mechanics. Some tutorial is needed because I didn't know you could use the scroll wheel until I spoke to someone in your booth. Its good that you started up with a combat phase as a tutorial but I would also design the map so that you only have one location to choose as the first destination and can only buy one cargo. You want the player to pick up the systems one at the time without having to read up. Overall I am very impressed and I think both the game and your pages are great.

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I spent an surprising amount of time playing this, because I was having a lot of fun. Upgrading your train, changing the constellation of your train "components" and figuring out what to buy/sell and where feels very rewarding! I can easily see this becoming a successful free to play mobile game.

The only feedback I have right now is to balance out the economy - buying a new wagon can throw you back a lot, and economic progression can feel extremely slow. Other than that - great work! 

// Florian


Thanks for the kind words, Florian. It means a lot to hear people had such a good time with the game. <3

Jam Judge

Nice job guys!

As I mentioned in gather towns, here's the video of my playthrough (the stream is casual, so there might be explicit language)! I'll provide some written feedback in the jury form as well. I'm posting this here since the jury feedback is supposed to be anonymous, so posting it there would, well...


Glad you enjoyed it :D