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A relaxing first-person puzzle game.
Submitted by Plantus (@Plantus3) — 2 hours, 13 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Art Direction#24.5714.571
Level Design#122.8572.857
Game Play / Game Feel#132.8572.857
Presentation (itch listing)#222.7142.714
Innovation / Experimentation#232.4292.429

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous and shown in a random order.

  • The execution on the non-photorealistic artstyle is top notch. Everything from the models, materials, effects, lighting and postprocessing harmonizes to create a really inviting space.
  • I like this game very much, you're building up a very consistent world with an art direction that feels 100% consistent throughout the experience. I enjoy walking around in this world very much, and the music is a perfect match for the environment and relaxed game feel. However, I don't really find the "game" in the game. I found the first swirming flock of particles, and I saw a bird (owl?) in the Inspiration Mode, then it flew away and I couldn't find it. I followed it, and found another glowing area in a wooden semi-circle. I used my Wind power on it, and nothing happened after repeated attempts (holding in the trigger to make the wind effect stronger seemed to have no effect). I walked around the glowing semi-circle and used my wind power on some obstacles (first and only time the power seemed to have any real effect) and walked down to the gorgeous lake, and walked around for a bit. It's really gorgeous, and I enjoy walking around there - but I have given the game a low rating in "Game Play" just because I can't actually find the gameplay. I don't seem to be progressing. Maybe I have missed something that is obvious to others? The Audio is PERFECT to this very gorgeous game visuals
  • Good job! You have a nice mood in the game, the audio, graphics and feel contribute to this. Sometimes I felt like the areas were a bit big for no real reason. Also the invisible walls were a bit annoying but I understand why they were there but can be solved in another way in the future. I had a hard time understanding the narrative and story. Overall it's a neat little project that I could see being developed into a small indie title.
  • Beautiful walking simulator with puzzle elements. I like it! It has a great deal of polish, and it was very cozy to walk around in the forest.
  • Gorgeous game, congrats on the beautiful visuals! I was able to sort-of figure out what I needed to do, and obtained the wind power, but once I blew the floating log across the river, I was completely stuck with no idea what to do next.

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I truly enjoy this game. One could say it is my cup of tea! There is however a distant feeling of "aimlessness" in the beginning, I believe as part of your games onboarding it would be very good to immediately allow the player to solve a small problem, leading to the discovery of a trail or something like that meaning I feel like I do something and then I get on with the walking and discovery. Freedom to roam is a thing that makes your game harder, not easier. Visually stunning, once I get to the puzzle elements I love them.

Jam Judge

Very pretty, but I couldn’t interact with anything. Was that rock with the particle effects meant to be the glitter I was looking for? I couldn’t do anything to it