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as a proponent of cheerful nihilism and given the dread many are experiencing this season of unfolding horror, I’m holding a game jam for meeting the present bleakness with empathy, good will and the generous spirit encouraged by acknowledging if everything is doomed you should do your best to minimize suffering. 

Ideally games can be played:

  • During a Global Pandemic
  • After a Nuclear Exchange
  • On Dying Stars
  • In Fallout Shelters
  • Post-Singularity
  • After the Return of a Messianic Figure
  • After the Advent of Anthropocene Extinction
  • After the Collapse of Financial Instruments
  • Occupation by the Police, National Guard or Foreign Military
  • While Depressed 

Ideally these games should address concerns of:

  • Humane  Solidarity
  • Serene Contemplation 
  • Forlorn Hope
  • Utopian Ambitions
  • Pleasure and Luxury
  • Gift Economies
  • Transhumanism/Biohacking
  • Post-Scarcity
  • The Beauty of the Sublime

Through any medium the artist feels best expresses their vision without engaging in work that is intended to belittle, distress or harm people who experience an inegalitarian distribution of life chances. Please consider submitting if the current geopolitical landscape has caused you to lose work or experience scarcity should this effectively boost your work in any way.


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A Modular TTRPG of Oracles & Overcoming
a game about narrative and community
Role Playing
101 solo lyrical games about making it through a terrible time
a game for one barista in a global pandemic
A LARP for 8 to 12 players that asks: what do stars talk about as they shine into the void of space?
a game about saying goodbye before the collapse
bitsy IF game about love at the end of the world
Interactive Fiction
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A game about friends living in a quiet world.
A role-playing game about finding the humour in a pandemic.
An exploration Bitsy game that reflects my current status.
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In this dating sim, you decide to webdate during the corona quarantine. Get a date before the pandemic ends.
The real story of a simple Earthling who decided to drive away uninvited guests from his home planet
it's year 2220 the pandemic is at its finest can you be the hero the world needs?
Role Playing
The world is dying. Savor what little is left.
Interactive Fiction
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A Zombie hunting game
A LARP about a collaboratively developed Self.
Trip through time to save the world!
a multimedia larp for people at home who like to tell stories and wear crowns
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You are a worker, having to work during a pandemic. What will you do ?
Interactive Fiction
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Run to get home safely without touching anything contaminated. #StayHome
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an arresting melody rpg
Beat the shit out of the coronavirus, for Oculus PC
A transhumanist TTRPG
Face eating bunny zombies from crack hell
apocalypse time, consume your last energy source
A fast-paced, low-prep sci-fi ttrpg.