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Welcome to the very first Game Jam!

Linux users have generally been classified as power users of some description with plenty of technical knowledge. Well, now you have a chance to show your game creation talent in our week-long jam to create cool games that run on our favourite platform!

Since this is our very first game jam basically anything goes, but there are some quite simple rules in place:

  1. The game must run natively on Linux in some kind of executable form (no Wine or DOSBox)
  2. You may team up or make a game on your own
  3. Your game can use pre-made engines
  4. The use of pre-made assets is allowed but restricted to assets that anyone can obtain and use, you may use your own assets that you make during the jam freely
  5. You may not use a full game as a template for your game, the game should be designed by you
  6. You can license your game under a license of your liking but the use of open licenses is encouraged (GPL, MIT, BSD, etc)

This game jam also carries a small prize for the winner: you (and your team) will get an interview on where you can talk about the process of making your game and you will also get a chance to promote your other projects.

The jam also has an optional theme and it is: Unknown. You may either use it as an inspiration or leave it entirely, up to you.


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Target practice, like a boss!
The key to our freedom
Role Playing
Play in browser
"Done in a week" tribute to Jumping Jack, an old speccy game
Game for GOL gamejam
Crash landed on an Island, stay alive to get rescued!
A demo of a 2-player game, somewhat like Settlers of Catan (but with guns!)
Probably should've put more time into it
Can you find the mystery of the ancient dark dungeon?