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I'm looking for people to create videogames. (Beginners, juniors and trained) Locked

A topic by susanmicheal2346 created Jun 14, 2018 Views: 338 Replies: 2
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I am looking for people to form a video game development group in which we all collaborate to create spectacular video games

I'm looking for:



Game designer


Graphic designers of levels


Etc ... (perosonas with any skill in order to create video games or believe that they can contribute something to the team.)


We would start knowing ourselves a bit and creating copies of classic videogames (Mario bros, pong) for later once we have defined working methods and we know who we are to start with the development of our own ips. I already have defined how would be two games or well I already have the concepts of those games that are clearly subject to discussion (no gta ix AAA that will make us all millionaires, are ideas, sketches of a story and mechanics that I could do myself but in a very basic way)


I am looking for people of any level and age but I ask more than commitment to make this dream something that we can draw awake.


Depending on the size of the group we could vary between team and community of game app developers with the differences that in the first would be all in one project and in the second we could have several projects at the same time and go supporting each other but dividing according to the project in which let's work


If you are just finishing or you are in the middle of a course it does not matter if you contact me so we can talk and see what you have done and if when you master the topic better and have you in the inkwell to join.


For the most experienced, I know you and I know that many people are annoyed by teachers, but it is necessary to grow as a team, although if you prefer to dedicate yourself to your music or design code, there is no problem

For developers:

The languages to be handled are: python (pygame) c # (unity) c ++ (sdl or sfml).


More information write by private specifying:

Name and age

A mail to contact us

What would you contribute to the group?

Wrong platform. People here use gdscript, c++ or c# specifically for use with Godot, not pygame, unity, sdl, or sfml.

Jam HostSubmitted(+4)

Hey there! This is off topic for this game jam so I will lock the topic.

You may want to look and general into game development groups on social networks. There are some on Facebook, and you can find general forums like TIG source where you may have better luck finding people to work with.

Jam HostSubmitted locked this topic