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Rebot RobootView game page

Repair your robot companion to make it fully functional again!
Submitted by evilc00kie, Tch1b0 — 2 hours, 14 minutes before the deadline
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Godot Version

Wildcards Used
Mobius loop

Game Description
Repair your robotic companion after a failed firmware update.

How does your game tie into the theme?
The robot got a bunch of malfunctions after the update and need to get repaired again.


Discord Username
tch1b0, evilc00kie

Participation Level (GWJ Only)

My game has an export for Linux, Windows, & Mac and/or is playable through HTML5



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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Fun series of functional minigames that matched the theme. Was a little overwhelmed initially by the manual, and would've rather each instruction be attached to the minigame itself, but they were mostly self-explanatory. Wonderful animation work! Nice music and graceful sound mixing as well. Good entry!


Thank you for playing!

Yeah, you're right with the manual. I've figured this out while playing other submissions where you initially get a wall of text :D
I thought about moving each minigame instruction to their own page, but your approach moving the instructions to the minigame itself sounds actually easier :D Thanks for the suggestion!


Really nice entry, I enjoyed this a lot!

I liked how you managed to create four different mini-games, keeping consistency between them at design and controls level: I imagine it's not easy, but you provided a complete and cohesive game! Congratulations!

My fav was the one with clocks; I solved it before understanding the hours clues :P
I believe each clock controlled different parameters of the geometric transformation of the drawing; is this correct? If so, I would love to play more levels based on that concept, it was really fun :)


Thank you for playing and the nice words!

We're really happy that working on consistency worked out in the long run :)

> I believe each clock controlled different parameters of the geometric transformation of the drawing; is this correct?

Good guess, you're absolutely right! If you want to know more, I've wrapped the game mechanics up in a blog post ;)


LOVE that you have a blog post exactly on that! It was very interesting to read, thank you so much! :D


Nice game. I liked that you put the effort to make several minigames. My favorite was the one with the mirrors.
Thanks for sharing. :)


I actually came away from this game with a sense of achievement, and the tension when I hit the "reboot" button... well!

I also watched right to the end (or the beginning) to enjoy the music.

A solid effort all round

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for the feedback! We always try to accomplish a certain atmosphere in our games.

Really glad to hear that were able to deliver that


Nice little game there - really liked the dial challenge, not sure how you did that exactly but went form impossible to feeling very accomplished. Maybe a tiny bit short but understand with time constraints and like how you created a polished product instead of leaving the user hanging...

Great submission


Thanks for the warm and long feedback! We really appreciate it :)

I've done a write-up about the game mechanics. If you're interested you can read how we've done the "dial challenge" ;)


That was a pretty fun set of mini games, nice and quick. The mirror one was especially satisfying to do.


Thank you for playing and the nice feedback! :)


Love the idea of combining mini games. Very good presentation. Fun task completion game.


Thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed it!