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A top-down strategy game with a train and inverse tower defence mechanics.
Submitted by riari89 — 22 hours, 20 minutes before the deadline
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Game Description
Top-down choo-choo strategy with some kind of inverse tower defence mechanics

How does your game tie into the theme?
You have to assemble both the track and the train to safely reach the other side of the map


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My game has an export for Linux, Windows, & Mac and/or is playable through HTML5

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I was unable to run this via the itch app or with Chrome 109.0.5414.87 on macOS Monterey 12.6.1. Has anyone else been able to launch this on macOS?


Definitely a unique concept! The art and music are both really good, but wow, that alarm was annoying.


Haha, yes, the alarm was very last minute because I realised way too late that "you're about to go off the tracks" isn't all that obvious if you happen to be looking at the HUD or enemy structures instead of the train. If I continue working on the game, that will be one of the first things I change. Thanks for playing!


Had a fun time with this one, soundtrack slaps and the gameplay feels rather nicely too. Adding to my favorites


Wow, really liked this one, kept me on my toes trying to keep up with making the track. Could definitely see it expanded upon. Great job on getting it done!


Fun game! I had to use the keyboard controls to place the tracks fast enough to win. Kind of frustrating, but also kind of rewarding. Graphics are nice, as well. Good work!


Fast paced puzzle game.

It keeps you buzzy all the time!

Nice graphics and effects.

Good job!


I wish this game had a downloadable version, since it seems like my PC can't run this game effectively. I did play through a little bit, but it also seems to be designed for a full 1080p monitor which I don't have.
Guess I'm just poor =(


Sorry you weren't able to play! Seems the game has some optimisation issues because it was also basically unplayable for Bakenshake on the GWJ stream yesterday. I probably did something silly in the mad rush to finish it at the end. It definitely needs work to make it play better at lower res too. Thank you for trying it anyway :)


This was a really nice game! I love the simple but effective game loop. I find that so hard to come up with.

Nice low poly style, good music. Is it so that the intensity of the music goes up when integrity of train goes down? I wanted to make that kind of effect with my game but had no time to do it :(

Some way of repairing the train would have been nice! I didn't see any way at least. 

Great submission!


Thank you! The music isn't handled dynamically, but that is definitely something I would like to have done with more time. I've never made a feature like that before, so it would be an interesting challenge!


Very intuitive controls! I liked how explicit the game warns you of the end of the track! I'm not the best at those games, but I could see the appeal! Man, I died so many times haha! Great game!


Looks good! My first play-through was the funniest. Almost crashing at the beginning frantically placing next train track after next. But then you realize that you can just place the tracks ahead of time forever. Some kind of limit there would be nice perhaps. I wish the map would've been more complex to force making hard turns etc.


Yeah, I was thinking about adding a cooldown to track placement and just managed to ninja that in before uploads closed. Thank you for playing!