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Rock Crusher - WIP 2D top down arena shmup

A topic by lukke created Jan 14, 2019 Views: 289 Replies: 3
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Hi, started to build a simple small scale arcade game, trying 3.1 beta.


How are you liking the beta so far? Encountered any nasty bugs?

The game's looking fine so far. Is it just me or do the missiles come out of the thrusters? Haven't seen that very often, unique.


No bugs so far, I really enjoy the new Scene outliner rework. Still I'm not really qualified to give feedback since I'm such a terrible coder and new to Godot :)
(on a side note the Android export template using GLES 2 worked on my old Nexus7 tablet.)

Regarding shooting through the thrusters, I thought it could had some novelty to the gameplay but it was clunky and counter intuitive in the end. Maybe if there was some gravity, will try.

So I reverted to front shooting direction and got the rocks split mechanics and basic fxs working.


Started to work on a basic HUD/UI, sounds and adding enemies.

Also the touch controls are working (on Android at least)
Now that the basic stuff is done, onto adding stuff.