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Defend your camp of monsters against the hero in this Zelda inspired action game
Submitted by FreeFlux — 2 hours, 57 minutes before the deadline
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Game Description
Defend your monster camp from the great hero in this Legend of Zelda inspired action game! Switch between bokos, skeles, and keesees to control and attack!

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Cool idea, great execution! ^_^

Had a lot of fun playing the game. I think the only thing I'm missing is sfx. It would have added a bit more "juice". But it's something you can do later besides some new content. The idea is there and it's fun!

Congrats on the entry.


Thank you, I’m glad you had fun with the game! I definitely want to add sound effects in the post jam updates. You are right that they will add the extra “juice” the game needs.


Nice reversal on the tower defense genre! Sacrificing your fellow monsters for the sake of victory stays true to the spirit of the genre. Also, it's real cool that you managed to squeeze in some intelligent AI!

I would say that the hero might need a wind-up included in their attack animation to give a window for attack or avoidance. It feels like the hero's and monster's hitboxes are the same size, and since the hero usually reacts before I can, the monster always gets hit.


Thank you for playing and commenting! I agree with your idea about some visual tells from the hero; I think I’ll add those in my post jam update. About the hitboxes, the hero’s hitbox is actually larger than the bokos. I wanted to simulate how video game protagonists get larger hitboxes than common enemies. I’ll think about adding a tell to make this more fair.


Nice concept! It was fun to complete the levels.

I don't know if I can complain about it, because I was able to beat some levels for this reason, but a couple of time my monsters had (apparently?) 0 hearts, but needed another hit to die. xD


Thank you! Yes, I noted that bug in the description of the game. I wasn’t able to fix it in time for the jam, but I will do that in the post jam update!


Is that...Link we're fighting? I never imagined I'd ever play as a Bokoblin, but I think I've now had! :) I like the visuals you've created a lot. I think the general pace is too slow though, and switching around is a bit tedious.


Let’s just say they are highly inspired by Link, for copyright purposes ;D

I understand what you mean about the slow pacing. I may try testing out some mechanics that would help speed it up a bit.

Thanks for the feedback!


I had a lot of fun playing this! I really like the concept too. The graphics are really readable and nice to look at. I would love to see some more variety added to this game in a post-jam version, maybe what Sayanel suggested about environmental hazards could be a good idea, or maybe having to stop the player from reaching treasure chests that contain HP potions or something 😁

Overall, great submission! Congratulations :D


Thank you for all the compliments! I am definitely planning on making a post jam update with sound, music, and more variety to the monsters and terrain.

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I really like the idea, the execution is well made.

My complain would be the lack of variety in the monsters and the terrain/props (A bog tile that slow down the hero would add some more strategy as an example).

I don’t know if it’s intented but you can’t hit the hero more than twice in a short intervall (with differents monsters). You can test this in the tutorial.

Great game overvall !


Thank you for the feedback! I agree that the terrain and monsters could have used more variety. Had I more time, I would have liked to give the hero a bow as well and include ranged monsters.

About the short interval hits, I gave the hero a short invincibility time like in other adventure games, but I did not show it well. Sorry about that.


Very cute graphics, in my opinion, the gameplay was also interesting, you had to strategize a bit in order to win, some levels were challenging, but all in all good


Thank you! That is exactly what I was going for!