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From monsters that eat each other to bullets that increases damage over distance, this TD is surely unique!
Submitted by Kenomic Games — 1 day, 4 hours before the deadline
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Godot Version


Game description
Simple endless tower defense game

Mainly just clicks...

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I'm not very good at tower defense, and could only get to level 12.^^' Regardless, the game was pretty satisfying, and left me impressed by its variety of enemies and weapons.

I was surprised to find tough enemies quite early, with capacities that could only be countered with a very expensive item. But again, my struggles might be due to the fact that I'm note familiar with strategies games. Maybe the game could be a little bit more guided (in a sort of "tutorial mode"), to give a hint on strategies to explore, and how to use each weapon.

Impressive work nonetheless! Strategy games are hard to make during a jam, and not only this one has a lot of content, it fells also nicely balanced!

Hey! I really like this kind of game. I was in 62nd wave when I think that there will be no end and I check the description..DANG!  IT'S ENDLESS!! LOL! 




My highest level was only like 26. Dangggg! Thank you so much for playing  dude!! 

Do you have any suggestion? I would love to get input from you considering how much time you've spent playing my game. ^_^

I am not an expert but I think you need to define your formula for the turret damage and enemy health..etc.. in order to maintain a challenging wave. maybe like the formula of experience needed to level up. 

For the design, given you have time, each upgrade make a noticeable part that shows the turret was upgrade. or just show a sprite blink.

And apply the shake when you need the shakte. maybe if the turret is at max upgrade thats the time the player will feel the shake..

Its only my point of view. But nonetheless, it is still a nice game!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

I definitely agree. The turret vs mob ratio is incredibly imbalanced. The upgrade rate is too much, as well as the shake.

I updated the game just minutes ago. I've added some minor but helpful changes to the game such as the ability to see the tower's range, the "formula of experience needed to level up" thing you mentioned (we were thinking the same thing!) for increasing the monsters' health per wave, some info about the towers stats, limit on tower upgrades, and some minor system balances.

I would definitely love to add some kind of tower ranking thing that makes the tower seem menacing as you upgrade them. :33

BTW: I made the gameplay screenshot that you sent here as one of the screenshots of the game :) Really made me hyped you made it that far!!! :D

Wow! Thanks! if you need someone to test your game just DM in discord(Panch). I am in the GWJ discord also. Good luck to the team and to the game!


Hey Panch :) I sent you a request on Discord. Hmm.. you might also want to join here:, at the time of this writing you're the first, so there's that. Well, everything gotta start on something, right? Heheh

Hey! thanks! I've already joined discord! I'll check your game now. :D


Nice game! Unfortunately I had so much money that it becomes negative random shit probably from the limits of integers and I can't buy anything anymore xD


Yep I had the same issue even just during the 8th wave. It's mainly due to I didn't limit the money to 999,999 and the upgrade to a fixed time (maybe you can upgrade a tower 10 times), and the upgrade increments algorithm is shit. Mostly because I didn't get the change to beta test this myself since I just went no sleep from midnight to morning, worrying about the titlescreen, music, and sound fx & stuff, not minding the important stuff like this. Anyway, thanks for playing  2nd game! :D If  you have any suggestions, let me know :)


Bro, what a nice game!!! Congratulations! Nice work!


WOWOW! Thank you for playing! :)