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this sucks i thought it ended June 2nd

A topic by sprvlln created 61 days ago Views: 216 Replies: 13
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We made housesitter just for this game and i thought the submission ending date was advertised as June 2nd. Very sad. pls let us submit xD we slaved over the game for a week and a half


It ended on the 2nd of June. CEST time unfortunately. Only itch had timezone-adjusted countdown.

Since this is an organizer error, you are allowed to submit your game

dude where? i finished and posted it hours ago 9pm CST

honestly really frustrated i made such a beautiful game for this jam and yall dont even let me post it

Just to remind you guys, the itch page for the jam did not give an option for me to submit. Feels like yall told me the thing was gonna end tomorrow and pulled the rug out

Im so upset this is absolutely ridiculous


Itch does not allow submissions after a jam closes. With that said, I manually adjusted the jam to be able to submit. You have a window of 2 hours to do that.

Jam HostSubmitted(+1)

Hey sprvlln, sorry you were unable to submit.  This would be easier to fix had you joined the jam, because itch makes it very difficult to allow late subs otherwise.  All the information was displayed correctly on the jam page, however we have decided to extend the deadline just for you.  In the future, know that it is each participants responsibility to ensure they have the correct due date.  Things that would help to do this:

  1. Visit the jam page at least once.
  2. Enter the jam by clicking the “join jam” button.
  3. Make note of the due date listed there as it is highly likely that the time zone is different than your own given that the internet is a big place :).

Also, we are unable to play your game currently as it fails to load and just hangs on the load screen.  And, in the future, it would serve you well to be more kind and mature in dealing with issues like these.


Sorry for any rudeness I was very emotional that my game wouldn’t be represented, I did in fact join the jam though itch the day I found out about it so not sure why you’re saying that

Jam HostSubmitted

It just says on our end that you are not registered in the jam.  If you were, it would be as easy as sending you a late submission link, but Itch doesn't give us that option.


Of course! Missed the reopening while I was asleep! Bless y’all thanks had fun. Best of luck. Sorry again.


No problem! We did learn from this and the jam will get better in the future.

We still have your game on our play list (to be streamed). Make sure it works and we will play it.


Hey @sprvlln! Coming back to this thread. I created another thread (sticky) where you can post your game so that people can experience your work.