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A jam entry

GrapplemanView game page »

Grapple to your dreams of space
Submitted by reBTF (@rubber_poop)

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The main mechanic, grappling, serves as both moving your character and attacking enemies by throwing them at each other to slow time so you can aim your next shot easier.
Enemies also have pulse effects which hinder you by making them harder to grapple but also affects you when you throw them.

Third-party resources
Game Maker Professional Edition v1.4.1763
Photoshop CS6

reBTF - Ben Flavell

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That was well done, the feel was good, and it was challenging even with the potentially infinite downtime when the enemy is grappled. What annoyed me is that it's widowed and i clicked away in key moments.


I've uploaded an alternative fullscreen download. Thanks for the feedback!


Damn, this is good! Started out just killing one guy and then contemplating who to hit next. Ended up being a mass killer with fast reflexes! Love that the difficulty doesn't change but you slowly become faster-than-sound assassin!


Surprisingly cathartic! I love the way the game slows down whenever you grab someone to help them line a shot... and it's deceptively difficult! Well done~ Haven't been able to finish it, if there's an end... I love the panic I get whenever I miss a shot and end up plummeting to the earth... All in all, a great experience!


Needed more ninjas and ground should have been sand. 10/10


So innovative! So aesthetically pleasing! I loved the screenshake, that was used well.