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A jam entry

RUINED SKIES - GMTK JamView game page »

Made for the GMTK Game Jam - Dual Purpose Design.
Submitted by BlueRow (@JeffJRow) with 14 minutes, 16 seconds before the deadline

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Dashing in the game is used to cross over gaps, kill enemies and add more time; however, dashing takes a significant amount of stamina to perform. There are two ways to regain stamina: the first way is to stop moving for a full second so the character can rest, the second way is by chaining kills.

Dashing can be used to chain, or combo, kills. If you succeed in dashing into an enemy, you can dash again immedietly and, if caught over a gap, can swiftly dash back to a surface. The higher your combo gets, the more stamina you stand to regain. However, if you miss with a dash, you will be staggered and vulnarable for a short period

Third-party resources
Made with Gamemaker 2
Sound FX made with bfxr
Background art by: bart - https://opengameart.org/content/sky-backdrop

Game by Jeff
playtested by: Ryan Row and David Row.

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I really like the idea. chaining combos is quite hard as it's not visible how far you're going to jump. Some audio clue when you're running out of stamina would be useful as well, few time I tried to jump not knowing why I can't. Overall it's a good entry!