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A Strategy/Visual Novel Game! Make money for your country of Zandaria through war!
Submitted by Umbrella Terms — 5 hours, 51 seconds before the deadline

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How does your submission match the theme?
The game fits the theme of dual purpose design as each action affects future actions down the line. Deciding which department head to talk to during free time gives you a closer(or farther) relationship with the department head which affects how well they accomplish the tasks you give them in the planning stage. Deciding how much supplies to give your soldiers can make them do better or worse when executing your plan. Lying to the media can give you rewards(more funding/higher morale) if you don't get caught, else you face a bigger consequence(cut funding) than just telling the truth.

Third-party resources
Ren'Py(Game Engine) -

FL Studio(Music Creation Software) -

Gimp(Image Editing Software) -
Contrail One(Font) -

Umbrella Terms - Developer/Music/Art

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Interesting idea but I feel like things aren't clear or they're maybe just too grand scale to predict and know what the right choices should be. I can't tell if things panned out a certain way based on my actions or based on chance. Gives me Papers, Please and Attack on Titan military vibes, which is cool!


Thanks for the comment and rating! Yeah, I should've communicated better to the player what effect rationing, funding, and talking to heads does so they can better make choices. I probably could've done it in the submit screen with an extra screen to say the effect of your actions.  My goal was to have a high number of variables to deal with so the player can't perfectly lay out their plan, and instead push things in the direction they wanted and then deal with the consequences that come. Despite that, I should've explained how actions helped influence things so the player could actually influence things the way they wanted to.


Maybe starting with the bare minimum amount of variables would help the player come to grips with what they should do, and unlocking the other variables after x amount of days survived would open up all the decision making the player can do without feeling overwhelmed, since they worked their way up to it. And yeah, glad to comment/rate!


I suck as a commander ! Anyways, this game only needs an artist, the other things are great


You made a great job! Try to make idea smaller and polish them next time.


Ambitious game for a 48h Game Jam! Maybe a bit too ambitious to be honest. I liked the dialoge between the characters. However, it was quite difficult to predict the consequences of certain actions. Some tutorial or an advisor system would have helped for this kind of game, but I understand these things are difficult to make in a short amount of time. Also the user interface could be more helpful. For example there is no indication of the current funding settings for the different departments. My advice for next time is to scale down and focus only on a few core mechanics.