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A jam entry

The Adventures of Old Man Cranky PantsView game page »

For the first GMTK Gamejam. A simple three button platformer with tight controls and a bit of a learning curve.
Submitted by SpacefishGames with 21 hours, 28 minutes before the deadline


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How does your submission match the theme?
To match the theme of the GMTKjam we tried to do as much as possible with just three buttons. Our jump button also acts as a dash button if executed while airborne, both the dash and the jump can be used to eliminate the bugs. The dash can also be used in defense against the seeds the flower throws, turning the flower into a spring to reach higher areas if done correctly.

Third-party resources
Aseprite, Pyxel Edit beta, Tiled
#SoftMilk32 palette by mnrart http://mnrart.tumblr.com/tagged/color-palette

Made by Joe and Daniel, Spacefish Games

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Fun little game. The art style is great. Cranky Pants is the spryest old man I've ever seen. Other than the lack of sound, my only complaint is that maybe you could make W a duplicate of the jump button (maybe it already is, but I didn't try). Since W isn't being used, I think it wouldn't hurt, and it seems like it'd feel a little more natural to me.


Thank you! Agreed, we didn't put in much time or thought when mapping the buttons, and could have given a few different options there. Appreciate the feedback!

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This is a fun little platformer and I could really see it going places. The mechanic was fun, and you guys clearly put some thought in the level design. I really liked the first screen, and it looked like the coin below the platform but right above the spikes was meant to be a fun challenge. (It was a bit too hard of a challenge, but I went back multiple times to try it again.) Great work! I really enjoyed it.


Thanks for the kind words! Designing levels was one of the more fun aspects of this jam, we would have definitely liked to make a few more had time allowed. Well done on your entry by the way :)

Thank you so much!

Really awesome pixel art. The movement and controls feel a little too responsive and floaty, coins do not seem to give any benefit, some music and sfx would be cool too. The dash is fun but not sure why dashing to grab a seed transforms a flower into a spring.


Thanks! And cheers for the feedback. Coin collection and sound effects/music were definitely amongst the next few things we would have worked on if we hadn't run out of time in the jam :)

Really cool looking game. The movement is definitely a little floaty, but apart from that pretty tight. A few extra mechanics around the core moves would be nice!


Thank you! Yep, we definitely have a few more ideas here if we decide to take this project further :)
Cheers for the feedback

First of all, the art is amazing! The controls feel super smooth as well, which makes this game very enjoyable.


Thank you, super happy you liked it!

Really pretty looking game! Feels that this game was built as a tech demo of sorts, though, rather than a game... Just a nice place to run and jump around, since there's no consequence to dying or any point in collecting coins. Certainly has a lot of promise, though!


Thank you! Yep, a lot of this is unfinished due to the time restrictions of a jam, we had a lot we hoped to get in but did not have time for (music and sound, gameover screen, coin collection, more levels and so on). Cheers for the feedback :)

Really nice graphics! Do you have some gallery with you pixel art? 


Thanks! Not at this stage, pixel art is a skill set I'll be looking to develop a bit more seriously in the future

First of all, awesome art! Was hard to rewire my brain to remember that second space press means dash, not double-jump :D Fun, brain-rewiring game!


Thank you, glad you enjoyed playing! 

adorable and consistant art design (loved the golden tiles!). But I agree with kenmorechalfant, cranky pants goes a little to fast as a result I think the game felt really loose.  


Thank you! Control issues will definitely be looked at thoroughly in future projects. Cheers for the feedback :)

The art is the best I've seen in this jam, great job! Gameplay is a good start but just too fast and loose. I would slow down the run speed by 30-50% and have a little more ground friction so you don't slide off of platforms.

Also, sound would have done a lot to help the polish.


Oh wow, Thank you!
And cheers for the feedback. We agree with you about the gameplay, the speed could be reduced or would currently suit larger more spaced out levels. Ground friction noted too.

Sound and music is something we definitely wanted, but weren't able to make time for during the jam. Thanks again :)

Love the art!



Great stuff, really feels like i'm using more than 3 buttons.


Much appreciated!

Love the graphics, solid platformer :)


Thank you thank you :)

Nice game! Looks really cute and the jump-dash mechanic is nicely shown off in the couple of levels.


Ah, thank you for the kind words!