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Dungeon ReverseView game page

Control the dungeon adding weapons and monsters for the hero to kill
Submitted by Sharbelfs (@sharbelfs) — 3 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline
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Ranked from 53 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
In this game you don't control the player, you create the challenges in the dungeon and the player chooses what to do

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing art

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We used pre-existing audio

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Simple yet addictive! Very nice


Wow! Very creative yet easy to grasp concept! The card and grid theme fits very nicely as well. At first I thought I was supposed to defeat the player, but then I read the description :) Cool game. Congrats!


Great game! Love the card-stacking mechanic. Would love to see more!


Very cool game !


I see the beginnings of a potentially good game here :) Keep up the work ^^


Overall good job! I think that the rules of how you can end your turn could be tweaked a bit but other then that this is great!


Very nice presentation with the cards, and the artwork is just perfect for this type of game. A nice feature to add as a quality-of-life thing would be if, when you pick up a card, the squares on which you're allowed to play it were to be highlighted. Took me several turns to figure out what was going on but when I did I started to see the strategy, and there is a real risk/reward thing going on with intentionally creating tougher enemies for yourself. It also fits the theme well with not knowing where your character is going to move next. Bravo, well done!

Rate our game too if you like!


thanks for the feedback,

that is a very good idea, I thought about creating some highlight effect, but I wasn't so sure if it was going to be a good idea or not, so, I guess it is indeed a good idea,


Fun little game! I see in some of the other comments, you mention that you're going to add a tutorial. That would be really helpful because I think especially at the beginning when the board is mostly empty it feels like you're just placing tiles randomly until you can start seeing what the player does when it reaches them. Great job and I'd love to see it with your updates!


Thanks =)

yeah, I agree about the empty board, at the beginning is a little tricky to get used, but I already have some ideas to improve that ;-)

At the moment, I'm just trying to get everything ready, so, as soon as the page update becomes available I want to send an updated version with more features and some improvements.


Awesome! I'm excited to see what changes you've been able to put into it this week. Nice job! And we'd love your feedback on our game as well, if you haven't already. SpaceBus


60 golds! Really nice concept. As a fan of both roguelikes and card games, i have no choice but loving it. The art is really cute and well executed as well! 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

The concept is cool and could easily turn into a full fledged roguelike, but it's just a bit too slow. Playing 4 cards each move just feels sluggish and like i am not progressing at all.

Edit: played a little more and I have to say i discovered a lot of interesting stuff! The way you sometimes play more monsters so you get more gold makes a really nice risk reward system and the fact you can use only 3 cards gives you a lot of flexibility! Great game indeed


Thanks for the feedback =),

I'm already working on some nice updates for the game, and the most important thing, a tutorial to explain a little about all the feature that are in the game. Lot of people also felt a little lost because of the missing information. I tried to add as many features as possible and forgot about leave some time to add the tutorial =/


Yep it's hard to find time for a tutorial during a game jam. The only thing I really did not understand at all was the trash but the rest I think you can learn from trial and error because it's a rogue-like after all so maybe just add an optional tutorial or a small one . Your choice tho.


The idea of the trash it was because when I was testing, sometimes the board is full of monsters and you get like 2 or 3 weapons, and it becomes a tricky situation where you need to place 3 cards but you just can't, that is basically the only reason for the moment to use the trash.


I understand now 


Pretty interesting. Took a while to get a grasp on how it works, but it was quite fun after that initial trial and error.


I liked the concept. But just a bit of feedback. Since the length of the game is pretty long, The game could have used some more player abilities consequently increasing difficulty by powering up monsters. So that game wont feel dragged out. But the concept is really solid and I can see a lot of potential.


Thanks for the feedback,

Actually it has a little bit of it, but perhaps I didn't reinforced that much in the game.

If you stack one monster on top of the other they increase the power and they can either combine the power effect or nullify them.

Ex: If you combine a Mummy (takes half of damage) with a Snake (takes 2x damage), one is going to cancel the other,

but if you combine a Skeleton (quick attack) and a Snake, the monster will have both effects on it.


Ah didn't realise that is an option. I guess a detailed tutorial will suffice :) 


Very nicely done! It took me a minute to understand it, but once I did, I found myself really enjoying it!


This is fun great job!


Excelent work! The art is super pretty and the mechanic is clever!


This seems heavily inspired by Card of Darkness, and I like it! I did encounter a bug on my run where I seemed to have placed a card off screen. Very nice overall!



Actually I can't say for sure because I never played Card of Darkness (only Android games), I watched some videos and game looks amazing, so, I'll take as a very good compliment.

hum.. good to know, on my tests I didn't find any bug like that, I'll investigate.


This is great; I really loved it. Played it a few times until I beat it.

A few notes:

  • While you don't control the adventurer it would be nice if there was some logic to his movement. It seemed random, to me. There'd be a super powerful sword next to him that he needs in order to defeat a boss and he'd choose to go fight the boss and kill himself. Even if he moved in the direction of equipment or chose to defeat the least powerful unit it would make things easier to plan out. Or, if you do want it to be random, let us see a few steps ahead so we can plan for it. I'm okay with randomness in games as long as I can plan around it.
  • It needs to be clear earlier on that you can stack equipment and use the trash. Both of these I discovered later than when they would have been useful.
  • I understand that for a jam you only have limited time, but a selection of different dungeons, an endless mode, a campaign, and even card drafting, would be great for a full release. I'd pay for a game like that.

Thanks for letting me play your game. Hope it gets showed off.


Thanks for the feedback.

I really liked create this game, so, after the Jam end I'll continue work on implementing some features that I didn't have time and see how that goes.

About adventurer movement, that was the last feature I added to the game. At the moment it is almost 100% random, I just prevent to move back and forth to keep stuck in the same location. I like the idea of knowing just the next step, but maybe 2 steps or some rule to help can also improve a lot the gameplay, like, go for the weapon if you don't have any. 

In general the part I lacked the most was about feedback for the player, I really need to improve that.



My favourite in the jam so far, I'm so glad I played this. It's super original, super fun, and I would pay good money for a more fleshed out version. Would love to see this continued. Nice work!


I won with a score of 148! Really brilliant strategy game and a perfect testament to the theme. Well done guys!


Nice concept! First dungeon ended at 9 coin, it took me a while to understand you could stack cards.

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