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Deck-building card game, defeat 17 fighters one by one!
Submitted by Christophe Coyard (@twotinydice) — 2 hours, 4 minutes before the deadline
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This is a cool deck-building game! Very polished and I can see it doing well as a mobile game (which it looks like it was built to be) - nice work!


I liked it a lot, but definitely had the feeling that I had no ability to choose abilities in a smart way - with the way the cards' power scales up, old cards are quickly completely obsoleted, so whether or not I choose cards that diversify my colour palette was not particularly meaningful... because the viability of old cards really quickly drops to 0, and if my latest ~6 picks aren't good enough, I feel like I'll probably die.

Really cool idea and great presentation. I enjoyed playing it.


Very fun! I wish it were more forgiving at times, just to give you a feeling of your deck really becoming more powerful.


Very Fun

Deleted post


Cards game are the best!

Love it and love the theme.

I have one quip though: it hard for colorblind. The easy fix would be to add sigil on top of colors.


Nice one. Fun game, I enjoyed planning my attack strategy. The concept is simple, but effective and I like the design. Feels like it could really do with some music though to keep the energy up! Thanks for the game :)


This is one solid entry for that game jam, it give me vipes of gambling games with skill such as blackjack and poker where you know you can plan a little but at the same time the execution might not be in you favor. This game is very highly polish and amazing executed that make me question my skills in prototyping :D just joking that is incredible game and entry :)


Great game! Simple idea with loads of polish. I really enjoyed it!


My favorite so far! Looks great, combat system is easy to understand but difficult to master. I could see myself putting a lot of hours into a game like this!


I really liked the game, and the concept. The gameplay and the idea were well executed. I think that  the randomness of the interacting cards made a really cool game. Like Mark always said, taking away control from the player can lead to interesting games. (Holy Cannoli, the theme makes sense now! )

Overall, very fun game, and very polished. I would love to see a bigger game like this. 

If you have time, I would appreciate if you could take a look at my submission. (:


This game is a good one. Not only is it's visuals extremly polished no it makes also fun to play and is interesting! I am blown away really good work!