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Hey guys I rated over 50 games but nobody seams to play mine. Could I get some Love too? pls

A topic by Planschi created 67 days ago Views: 68 Replies: 7
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You have to reach the goal in 1 minute or else you get converted!

You have 1 bullet to kill a zombie or yourself!

Zombies and corpses stay for the next survivor.

SRY if it is not allowed or not seen good ! But I want to say I really normaly dont ask for it!


Ludum Dare's voting system seems good for this: the more you play, the higher your game appears in the listings! I understand that itch isn't designed for this, but hopefully you get a bunch of ratings soon.


Yes Ludum Dare voting was way better ^^ Thank you for your vote!  =) I have now 22 I'm so happy


Thank you guys who ever voted ! I have now over 20 thank you again I'm very happy!!


Rated! Try mine if you have time?


sure no problem I rate it now


Hi! I will play and rate your games! 

My game name is Room. 

It's a desktop puzzle game where you need to use the clues from the computer to escape the room. You got only one chance to do this. If u fail solving the puzzle the first and only time... The application won't open again.


thank you ! I will rate your game too