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Is Getting Lots of Reviews Worth It for Underwhelming Games?

A topic by wildroseinteractive created Aug 06, 2019 Views: 100 Replies: 8
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I worked hard on my game, and I'm proud of what I made, but I'm not sure if it's good enough that I should put it in the "come play my games threads". The game has a habit of breaking if the player uses certain unexpected inputs. This is entirely my fault - I didn't think to play test those inputs.

Should I promote the game if it's not that good?

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Of course, as people can give you valuable feedback, the point of jams to learn and get feedback


Absolutely! Every game deserves to be seen! I'mma check yours out right now!


For sure. It's the best way to get feedback which is a great way to learn how to get better.

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The only reasons to get lots of ratings are 1) to pull your games average rating closer to it's 'true' rating, which is how good it actually objectively is. 2) to get plenty of feedback from fans about how to improve.

if you only get 10 ratings, then some derp who is just trolling and gives you all 1's will instantly pull you out of the top 100 that Mark Brown is going to pick from. so to compensate for stuff like that you get as many rating as you can to help your average stay close to what the general public actually thinks.

so do a cost / benefit analysis:

do you really want lots of feedback?

do you think your games 'true' rating is in the top 100?

if you make into the top 100?  do you think Mark brown might feature it?

do you even care if this happens?

and finally, how much time are you willing to put in promoting to make that happen?

I've been playing others games and leaving comments with my games link at the end for a while, and i hit every single rate trade thread, and also respond to threads that are just fun, this has gotten me up to 30 ratings, which is probably close to my 'true' rating, and I really think that it could be in the top 100, so to me it's worth it to spend the time on the off chance that mark brown features it and gets my name out there.


Thanks for this detailed break down. You've definitely convinced me. While I'm not sure my game will get into the Top 100 or get mentioned by Mark Brown, it would be helpful to learn. I'll check your game out soon.


I like how rational your answer is, like "let's stop and really think about what I'm doing and why I'm doing it".

Will try your game tonight!


Just do it, you can add info in the description of the game to prevent the issues from happening and people who really want to test the game will read those.

Nothing is perfect, our game doesn't finish for example when you win the last level. It's okay.


Of course, it's a jam game, It can't be perfect! Just put a description somewhere telling what the player shouldn't do