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Short and sweet RPG game with only one stat to manage. Crystals replace health, magic, money and other stats!
Submitted by Tiny Face Games — 1 hour, 50 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#1974.4234.423

Ranked from 52 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Surely adherent to the theme,  nice hand-drawn characters, very original names, although it misses  the depth of a real rpg, you come back to the same city and you fight monsters and that's it.  It's a well-made game indubitably, but I couldn't really play it for more than 10/15 minutes without getting bored.


10/15 Minutes is about the playtime we were going for and we didn't expect anybody to play longer than that. 


Such a great idea. great game all-around.



A very fun game with slappin' music and a great art style. The act of balancing your Crystals in and out of combat gave every action meaning, making for a stressful yet fun experience. 


I really loved the art style! Cute characters, cute enemies and some cool gameplay to match! The balance between crystal use and purchasing upgrades made for some fun choices! Great game!

I love the style of the game, the artist is great, the only issue how stale the game gets after the first risk of buying a sword and then it paying off. I know it's not a full game but it still seems too limited by only having crystals.

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Thank you for your honest review! I don't think that the limitation of the mechanic is the core problem, but the lack of time to balance the numbers right and to develop a greater variety of meaningful items to buy. Initially there was a loot system planned and the shop keepers would have received new items as the game progressed, but due to time constraints these had to be cut. I hope you had some fun nonetheless! :) If you like the style of our artist, stay tuned! We're already planning our next project and will be sure to take the time to balance it right and find ways to make the gameplay more engaging!

Submitted (1 edit)

I liked the game but I found the miss system too punishing if you just bought something expensive. I like the art a lot though and the atmosphere is great.

great game,love the art and overall feel of the game feels a little repetitive but its fun


I love the art style! :)

Great used music!

Please check our game toó:

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I honestly loved this game.

I had lots of fun trying to decide whether I should buy stuff or keep my Crystals as HP so I don't quickly lose a fight!

The neon line art is also gorgeous (it feels like fantasy cyberpunk) and I would definitely like to see more of this! Good job!


Hey, we made a GMTK game too. Check it out!


Thank you! Your game looks great, I will check it out :)


artstyle and music on this game are superb!!  The gameplay is great and a pretty good experience overall. It doesn't get boring. The take on the theme is pretty original, I was thinking about a city builder or an RTS with one resource during the first hours of the jam but it seemed impossible to finish on time. Great job! :D


Thank you very much! Building a whole RPG battle system from scratch kept us really busy, there were times where I just wanted to quit, but I'm glad I didn't :D


haha I know the feeling!. Glad you submitted, if you don't you end up feeling really bad eventually. My game ended up a bit buggy but it felt stupid not to submit it since a lot of work was put into it. 


The names of the shopkeepers cracked me up.

Loved the game. Great art style and polish.


I'm glad that the time I spent coming up with names instead of programming was well spent :D Thank you very much!


Interesting interpretation of the theme. To be honest, I almost always wasted my crystals on items then lost during battle. The game is fun though and I interested in trying a different combinations of items and weapons. The art style is unique and the music is catchy. I think the game has some nice potential and would benefit from more items and more finetuning for the already existing items. Great job.


This game has a pretty great groove! The neon outline artstyle, light animations, poppy music and sound effect, and cute dialogue comes together for a smooth experience. We cleared the game and generally had a good time.

It's neat how the design leads to a sort of, optimization problem. It's all a math puzzle of how hard can you press yourself. The design space for that is limited, which makes it a pretty good jam game; there's no room to outstay its welcome, and this is about as far as this pleasant idea can go.

The specific numbers are a teensy bit awkward, though, and items don't feel terribly rewarding to play as. We tried a silly build where we pack-ratted away a whole bunch of Firecrackers to use in later levels, but it didn't quite come together. Getting the fancy sword for 50 Crystals right away, and basic attacking through all the encounters, just sort of feels like the way to go. Still, even if the numbers didn't add up perfectly, the presentation was interesting enough that we played through twice just to see if it'd work, and that's a lot more time than we've put in to some other games in the jam. Well done!


Thank you very much for your long review! I'm happy to hear you liked the game and even played it multiple times :) I honestly would have liked to spend many hours finding exactly the right numbers to balance the game perfectly, but the time limit unfortunately didn't allow me to. We're currently discussing if we want to expand the game for a full version or use it as foundation for our next game, so your criticism is much welcome! Please stay tuned :)


I loved this game! The art is so clean and silly, i really enjoyed both the crystals mechanic (wonderful idea) and all the puns with characters  name <3 Nie music too!

Lovely and challenging<3


Great visuals, nice texts and pretty interesting idea of crystals, it reminds me a theme of the last Ludum Dare.


Very interesting game! I love the art-style and the little jokes thrown in.

Balancing just crystals for everything sure made me think twice about every action I took.


I really love the look of this game. 


Love this! I love when RPGs do this kind of original streamlining, and this jam was such a perfect opportunity for that. Really cool idea that keeps you on the edge of your seat. And great art and music too!


this game is really cool, if you enjoyed making it then a full game may not be a bad idea


Thank you! Yeah, the only thing I didn't enjoy was the two day time limit :D It's totally possible that we make this a full game sometime!

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