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Mech Revenant: Input OneView game page

1key+1sprite+1boss=tactical mech combat
Submitted by sleeper_games (@Sleeper_Games) — 1 hour, 53 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#694.5904.590

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genious idea, fun to play, you really can feel the impact of the railgun. the general feedback felt very nice, also when the robot was moving.

The controls were a bit hard to learn though, and the boss fight was very hard. But cool experience overall. 

We would love to have your game played during our stream.

If youl like, please check out our game. We would love to hear your feedback in that :)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Hi Farry1, thanks for the feedback!  Feel free to play it on stream. I'll take a look at your submission soon.

Developer (1 edit)

Oh hey, Bio made a quick showcase for the game. Thanks!


Hands down of the best game in the jam.

It felt really awesome to do all the combos, especially jet jump + super dash + barrier + rail gun.

Super satisfying and engaging to play! Good job!


Hey, we made a GMTK game too. Check it out!


Really cool idea and brilliant execution! a bit challenging as well!


Interesting, fits the theme like a glove and true to your other work; easy to learn yet hard to master.
Great job!


Just amazing, really hard but I want to put in effort to figure it out. The art style is impeccable, and the game design and controls really makes me feel like i'm operating the mech. It is also very clear that a lot of time and effort was put into making sure each button input combination was clear and intuitive. Great work.  


the game was semi hard to play but it just looks so cool and the concept is awesome. I really was impressed with all that was accomplished in a jam game. This was the first game I saw progress of that I immediately wanted to play and I was not dissapointed


That was very hard to master and it require me to keep calm unlike the usual button mashing style I use. The art style is also amazingly clever and totally fits the sci-fi theme of the game. Absolutely well done.


Very clever and original, well done :D. It's hard in the beginning but after 2/3 times you start to get the controllers, very nice. I liked! ps: One sprite, one input! you nailed it!


Somehow you managed to make a fighting game with only one button. I think the idea is very unique though it is very frustrating to play. I think it would have been better if the possible combinations were lower.  There also seems to be a problem with inputs not being registered properly sometimes. I think the game would've been better if there was less of a focus on platforming since that is the most frustrating part.

The art style is super unique but the noise makes it kind of hard to understand what's going on.

But for a 2 day jam entry, this is very good. 


Thanks for all your kind words. There are tons of little things I still want to fix and some stuff didn't make it into the game in time. I'll probably put together a post-jam redux version at some point. Potentially featuring mech upgrade, more boss attacks, better balance and larger level variety. Stay tuned!


This is a crazy game. The art and controls are so unique, and the railgun is very impressive to look at.

Well done !


I loved this game! You managed to keep a good variety of action and gameplay even with a single button. I like how the graphic style and limitation is  justified by the story.

That was a really unique experience.

Great job!


Wow! Super unique game, the use of the space bar is very well executed! Once you start getting a hang of the combos you feel great! The feedback in the form of code/text onscreen is a welcome feature and fits the aesthetic very well. Great job! 


Impressive game. I really like the look of it. The visuals the sound music and gameplay all fit togather super well I think. Well done.


Very nice! First I felt frustrated because I tried automatically to use arrow keys to move forward, because you know, we are used to that. But then when I played a while and begun to handle this one button mechanics... Damn... Just an amazing work! 5/5 absolutely.


Really enjoyed this one. MechRauser!

Love it! 


The one-button inputs for this game work surprisingly well due, in large part, to the responsive UI. It clearly tells you not only what input you just did but also what  that input will do. That small bit of feedback turns the game from mindlessly hammering on the space bar to something far more deliberate and purposeful. 



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