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Brick Slayer GMTK 2019View game page

A top-down bullet hell shooter with only one bullet.
Submitted by YouDoYouBuddy — 3 hours, 12 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#824.5714.571

Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Wow. Your Characters looks so cool including the graphics. I saw great potential in your game. I guess you much pay attention to the game design and the visual effect. (•̀ᴗ•́) و ̑̑


I've seen a few games with similar gameplay but yours has been the best executed so far! Really polished feeling and has some great player feedback. Screenshake was a nice touch and each hit felt weighty! Gread design and solid game!


Very juicy and nice. I really enjoyed the experience. I found myself grouping enemies together and then using the power throw to get them all. This is a pattern I've noticed in these kinds of games now. Which is why I'll rate it a bit lower in originality. But in terms of design and the theme it is pretty good! Great job, made even more impressive when I saw you were a solo Dev!


This is brilliant, I love the satisfying "splat" an enemy makes when you take it out and it's got a lot of replay-ability - I'd love to see this developed further with more levels, weapons, enemies etc because this is done brilliantly! Great job! :)


This is kinda similar to my submission, but far better executed! Great game feel and overall design. I'd say that, given more time, more mechanical depth would be the next step, as well as more immediate visual delineation (maybe different colors) between enemy types. Brick Slayer is well designed, fun to play, and adheres perfectly to the theme!


Thanks for the kind words! I might make a non game jam version so any ideas on where to expand are always greatly appreciated. 

John Brick is a way better pun than Brick Slayer by the way, so you certainly have that going for you :)


i really like it, though when you get 4 follower dudes or more packed it's really hard to deal with.

I feel like the hitboxes should let you walk a bit behind or in front of an enemy, right now if the top of your head is right below the pixel with he feet of the enemy you take a hit and it's kinda weird


I'm glad you like it!

I added the piercing throw last minute to help players deal with large groups of the follower guys but realize now that I never actually put the controls for that anywhere on the submission page... or is that still a problem even with the piercing throw?

As for the hitboxes, maybe I should've placed them around the drop shadows rather than the enemy's sprite. But even then, I'm fairly certain they're a little misaligned too :p

Thanks for the feedback!


Oh there is a piercing throw ? wasn't aware of it, maybe it should help yeah with the controls somewhere

Yeah the player-to-enemy hitbox would better on the ground

btw i just noticed the shadows when an enemy drop is scaling the wrong way, should be smaller when the enemy is high up in the air, while i'm on it they could be a bit different than ground enemies, sometimes i shoot at them before realizing they're not even on the ground yet.

Could be some fade in alpha or a darker color idk


Updated one of the screenshots with the controls. That should hopefully reduce some of the confusion.

Differentiating between the enemies who are spawning and the ones who are already in the game sounds like a good idea, I'll add that to the list of changes to the non gamejam version of the game.

Doesn't shadows get bigger when the object which is casting them is closer to the light source?  Kinda like this(sorry for my crappy msPaint skills).

Although the shadow should be more transparent when the enemy is higher up.


Oh yeah ok so the only controls i found out was WASD and LMB, will try to beat my highscore (currently 450ish) with that new knowledge :P

Indeed thought of it but as all shadows are vertical and that there is no strong shadows on the characters lightning suggest more of an ambient light rather than a point light (though i will agree to say it's easier to spot a new big shadow in the chaos of the game)

Plus if i really want to be precise, if the shadow was casting from a point lamp the shadows can be casted vertically only if there is point light over each of them in which case it would make like an area lamp as the count goes up :P


Oh yeah, that makes sense. Honestly I didn't put much thought into the light beyond my previous reply :P