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Eat your belly full of delicacies and burst to destroy the ghosts! Escape the dungeon!
Submitted by (@juicyDotGames) — 2 hours, 34 minutes before the deadline
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wow the 4th level I thin it was , was just too hard for me, but I had fun being a cute cat and blowing up ghosts. I will admit it's a little hard to play via the browser version b/c my mouse ended up off to my other monitor at times


Hey! Thanks for the feedback and thank you for playing! :) .. The levels only go harder before the end. :D  I think we made 14 levels total and the last ones are... hard.. :D Yeah the browser experience is kinda limited but it lower the barrier to play the game so.. The win-exe has a lot better performance anyway :) .. 


I loved the cat and ghost sprites. I really don't like to moving my characters with mouse. I don't have the necessary precision and the wall are too much punitive. Getting stuck because a wall touch make the game so hard. Overall, nice job.


Hey! Thanks for playing and for the feedback! It's appreciated! :) .. Sorry you had to deal with our disaster of a collision system ! 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I got stuck on the walls several times. Even if that's the proper response to the raw input, something like this would help the game feel smoother (applied to 2D)

Check our game!


Hey! Thank you  for the feedback and the provided article! Interesting read! .. This was our first time creating a tile-based game and collisions for it so because of the time-constraints there were no room for tweaking the collision system.. "Intended by design" but not really the way we wanted. Thanks for playing! :)


Great idea but there are problems with the controls that make it far too challenging


Thank you for the feedback and playing the game! We been addressing the issues regarding controls and collision especially. Greatly appreciate the feedback!


I like the concept ! Even at the end where you can 'kinda' get revenge on the ghosts similar to pacman. I think it would be a bit more comfortable for the players if you don't have to drag the mouse as far to get catshy to move at full speed.


Thanks for your feedback and thank you for trying our game :) .. We tried fiddling around with the speed controls a lot and there is actually no "maximum speed" for Catshy.. It just an "arbitary" algorithm that calculates the distance from mouse pointer and then some.. So in theory.. if you have a reeeeaallly wide screen....... :D .. Maybe we'll fiddle with "fast" and "slow" control options if there will be a post-jam patch :)


Great neat idea on the game, some problem on the gameplay tho, when you touch the wall all you momentum stops, other than that the game is fun and the visuals are cute <3


Thank you for the feedback and playing the game! :) .. We ran out of time to adjust the wall collisions so we call it "hard by design" .. as it adds to the gameplay where you really need to be accurate with your movements. Maybe will update it a bit if we make a post-jam update :)


A simple idea that is easy to grasp and learn but it's still challenging enough to keep your interest, a very nice design.


We really appreciate the feedback! Thanks for playing! :]


Hey, that was super cute, and pretty challenging! I was having some trouble surviving, but the moment i realized how to dodge the spoopy ghosts, my kitty became unstoppable! Awsome project!

(bonus points cuz of the cat, we love cats!)


Thank you very much for the feedback! :) Glad you liked our game and found a way to DOMINATE ! :D


Fun and challenging game! Would have liked it if instead of hitting "r" to restart on keyboard, I can just "click" on mouse to restart on death. Would make restarting a lot faster and keep the flow up. 


Thanks for the feedback! Never even occured to us to add a mouse click reset!  Awesome you liked the game!


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