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One tower type, one enemy type, one action, one life, one developer
Submitted by bilalakil — 2 hours, 9 minutes before the deadline
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Difficulty greatly varies from map to map, from what i've tested the generated walls increases the difficulty because maximizing the number of turret is the best way to last, and the less zone there is the more difficult it is, and also it's less fun as almost every turret is normal.

I would suggest forcing maybe a minimal number (or provide that as an option) of zones, the best maps i've played were 50% or more coloured so yeah, futher testing of balancing how many zone there is would be a good idea. The burn zone is a good idea though it is really hard to play with as it oftenly makes the mazes weird or unefficient, it could be intersting that turrets could be placed on burnt zones but would just act as a wall, or make the zone thinner, or maybe a bit more powerful, while testing the maps with burning zones were the one finishing the sooner usually, because of the place i couldn't use to shoot nor block enemies.

The music is a too low compared to the sound effects, but it really isn't important.

One thing i would have loved is bigger maps, as the playtime on a map has a hard limit making the maps bigger is kind of the only way to play longer on a map, it's intersting to design in small spaces but it's less frustrating to have more space, as you don't hit the turret limit as fast. Should be options to choose from for the size i guess.

Anyway the feeling when playing is really great, misplacing a turret is very frustrating but trying to deal with it and changing you plans is kinda fun, going back to the same map to try and beat your score, correct your mistakes and try new design is really cool too.

Had quite a lot of fun, great work !


Thanks so much for the thorough feedback! Very interesting stuff.

I'm thinking of keeping the shorter duration levels because, while they won't help you compete for a new highest-ever score, they're still useful for providing variety. To help make them more interesting, I'm thinking of having a "daily challenge" where people try to get the high score for a particular seed (same seed for everybody, maybe communicated via Discord or something), so the challenge still remains: how to maximise score on this particularly difficult level?

Thanks for pointing out the music level - I really have no idea with audio haha, so it's helpful feedback :)

The game is made in a way that differently sized maps can be supported (you can put whatever numbers in if you do the copy/paste JSON mode), I just tried to guess a decent size for the seeded levels. Will revise. But on the note of it being "the only way to play longer" - while that is the case right now, there is at least one other option moving forward: upgrading towers! Still am thinking of other potential ideas.

> misplacing a turret is very frustrating but trying to deal with it and changing you plans is kinda fun

That kind of dynamic planning is exactly what I'm going for with this game, so I'm glad you're feeling a bit of that. Wish it didn't come from frustration though haha... Will think on it. But yeah, this is part of the reason why I want to keep the shorter duration levels - mix things up.

Thanks again for playing!


daily challenge would be fun though sharing a level seed is already very easy hence competing with someone is too, so that challenge should be a bit particular, i like how it done in Heat Signature, it's usually some kind of extreme generation, either you have really good equipment and very high difficulty, or it's just a great combination of attributes, etc... Maybe the daily challenge could even be more like manual crafted ? situations like in the tutorial, a challenge with slow on every tiles for example, doubt this could be generated right now.

I saw the JSON copy/paste thing, didn't tried the option as i thought it would be used to save and load (though  didn't saw an export in the in-game UI), but that's intersting that it lets you pick different rules from the normal ones, though if you're aiming for phone players or generaly speaking not a niche public, then i doubt lots of players will ever use that, if allows you to edit the generation of a map then might be good to just make a level editor within the game.

When i was saying "only way" i was indeed speaking about the current state of the game, if you do something like upgrading towers, then keep in mind that when i get to the point where i just can't place any new turret, there so much going on the screen i usually can't even see my cursor, might wanna add a custom one easily findable, could pause the game when i want to place turrets but i don't i prefer playing while the game is too.

The frustration comes from when you're trying to take advantage of the placement of things, and then you just click on a tile and suddenly you blocked half the map, or you have to reroute through speed tiles, it's frustrating because usually it means you can't go for a highscore anymore, and it usually comes from one or two turrets you didn't thought about when placing them (didn't really happened to me to click on wrong tile by mistake). And i understand why shorter levels is better for that, but that's kinda why i see the size of the map as an option (like you could choose between small, medium and big), so if the player find it to harsh to restart a level on a big map then he might just stick to medium or small, the other argument for big maps is that mistakes are less important as you have more place to deal with it, it should be harder to really ruin a game with a bigger map.

Thanks for making a cool game to play :P


A level editor would be fun


Genius! Will do


Thanks for playing! Would recommend going through the tutorials quickly, but definitely trying generated maps because that's where the fun's at!


cool and simple graphics and fun gameplay, good job.


Thank you 🙏 


When I did a later tutorial, my mind was blown! Really cool idea.


Thanks for playing! The generated levels are where the fun's really at ;)


Oh no, a bug in a game jam submission 🤯 It looks like enemies might be mysteriously stopping before turning corners: that shouldn't be happening. Please hand-wave it away ❤️


Is your page public? Luckily I had the link but I can't write the game on the search bar and find it


Anyway, fix the corners bug and you'll have a really nice thing!! One of my favourites from the Jam


Aww thanks 😀

That corner bug worries me. It only happens on Windows (not Mac or iOS or Android), and even there it doesn't happen inside of Unity... Hopefully I won't die trying to fix it.


It's listed as public, but you're right, I can't search it either. 🙁 Have tried changing the release status from in development to released (forgot 😣), hopefully that'll help.

Thanks for the heads up.