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Submissions with the least ratings

This list excludes entries you've already rated and those without any files

Ulfric the Undying LachlanRobertDuncan12
Tempted Takedown Skeleton_in_Disguise10
Zomblox DaLucanator14
Stranded Persons Assistant Nonjaman10
Ramhell Bikzimus Maximus10
Rocketato Thomas Aunvik16
You&Me miketearon11
ArrowStrom baneofwar12
GMTK game jam Micro RTS DodgyDoge12
Eye Lasers MatthewRoy12
Lobster Slide Chensta8812
Space Reflector UsamaSh16
Car-makaze GoodGraphixGames11
FPSNT EmmanuelMess10
Space Explorer Donda Papi Socrates10
Get the Coffee SEMIGUT GAMES11
Refighter ordelore12
Ragefire: Reloaded SimpleSalty10
Last Command AmenIcyCinema11
YOU VS MUSHROMS rubem4rtz14
Go Eskimo EduSilvArt11
Bull-Bullet Darn10
Devil's Day at the Races DoggieDog5210
Falling Bot lucaslizama15
Shiptoid TomDaComicDude21
NTFA r3nsen20
Career Tracks No Agenda Studios24
Survive wizardguy23120
Off-Road Boat Racing JoshKrat23
Reventure Jus77721
InvenTypie Petipois20
UBER Possition djzidane25
Pulse Massacre snakefangox22
FloaterGuy omutant23
Dash Master theyellowgreninja20
Smuggling Run TTIO23
Hank's Couch Cruising semerus20
Kung Fu Bullet yazukiwolf22
Grapplemup angeredjester21
Bullet Boy: Arena Zzverot20
Smash-teroids chickenpotpie020
Brains over Brawn szeth attun21
Trigger Happy Heist slantyRJ21
No jump platformer! Tompet22
Shoot Yourself Gustavo de Mendonca20
Out Gunned Demo Matthew O23
Dodge 'em Up Alegz24
Basket Shooter fabriciohzr24
Concert Without Exponent ZSDF22
BouncySquishyPlatformer kamel22
A Sad Party For A Sad Game MyMarmalade20
Robo-Boy (Get Stealthy) Heck13420
RED RUN Isidore22
Storm Atlas20
Veil Play in browserbrainshack23
City Survival Nick Wagter21
Jumpship Axl400221
Wonder Golf Carlos OJ Johnson20
Vacuum Defense FlorianHoll21
FALL jcl20
Unlikely Allies (working title) morinoko22
Don't be sick during a heist ekia230221
Drift-0G ArnaudGL23
Reflector Patxe21
Exponential Growth The85thgaming24
Laser Protector Quasi-Competent23
Sir, Defend Yourself gmilh20
Forgotten Spell samdalz400021
efade chevreau22
Turret Turtle The Dopplegamer21
CaveHart linkwin20
Third-world country survival Kinein20
Dodge 'em up Kroporo20
Coded Together zbearwrestler24
Into the Shadows Manurocker9520
Where's The Food Mooshie Games20
Bob Team Epic Beat Down VladimereLhore20
SneakBearRunsFast Play in browserKevin Ray21
Elephant Enigma Good Bird20
Point Defense Typing Master GMTKJ2018 Edition Rax23
Shoot 'em up but you don't shoot! Jasqui22
Cross the Line Matt-Boisseau23
Fantasminha CaArmado Sapo20
Racing Space pbuchan21
DeatHocki TSaar23
Soul Survivor curlytalegames24
Devil's Run Asuro23
Don't Touch My Devil Baby The Heck21
Professor LaBait flee13520
Dash Only PLatformer Solar Macharius21