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Platformer with no movement: Steal the egg while you still can!
Submitted by TimRuswick (@timruswick) — 10 minutes, 40 seconds before the deadline
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I had a hard time enjoying this game.  When I got to the flying spike level I thought "How does this magnet even work?  Is it better to be close or far to go faster?" but I've faced a similar complaint to my game "Toad Mountain" so I can understand making the mistake, but even so I still had a hard time playing this.

Was it original though?  Would I play it more if it was a full Indie game?  Did it properly address the theme for this game jam?  Absolutely!

Tim. Got to see a lot of the development of the game and different iterations of what you conceived it to be to the final product... great lesson for all indie developers.

Played to the end... those saws are just brutal; almost to the point of a rage game but then each level has it's own objective which is really cool.

As I mentioned to you in live-stream; really great name for the game and what an idea to take away the traditional WASD/ <- ^ v ->. Great idea wonderful execution and I am absolutely sure with more time you could have a complete game (more levels and better sound).

Not only did you complete this task on time but also took the time to live-stream and talk us through what you were doing for almost the whole project which I am sure took time out of your design time.


Not a bad little game, but kinda buggy with the magnet controls since sometimes the magnet will just stop pulling the egg more than a few pixels and you have to restart. It's supposed to be a platformer where you can't jump, but really you're still jumping, just really imprecisely with a magnet. Maybe reversing the flow and having the dominant movement be to pull the egg with the magnet, releasing the attraction to navigate obstacles would've been more interesting.

I think Tim made it so you cant pull the egg forever, you don't have to restart it

Good one. Awesome mechanic. The egg shape helps to make it pretty unique. A ball shape would be less random and control a little better. For a game jame, the egg is a good decision. For a longer game I'd go for the ball for sure. :D

I really think that the egg shape is what makes the game. With a ball it is much more predictable whereas with the egg shape you have think more about what you are doing and in what position the egg is in.

This game is very unique and fun.  Great concept.  It definitely can get "rage-like", but the challenge is addicting.  Awesome job Tim!

Made me laugh, made me cry...


I had a blast with this game! Very challenging, but not unfair as far as difficulty either. I had a good time also watching you make this on live stream as well! Great job!!


Love this game, difficult but beatable.  Really enjoyed this game.

Really love the idea, here. It's well executed for a game jam, but I feel like some of the mechanics could have benefited from a polish. More fluidity in the magnet controls would have been great! Love the idea, though, and would love to see this polished!


Really clever idea! I had fun with the physics based movement. Though sometimes I had trouble getting the egg to move and had to mash left click. I'm not sure if that was intentional. Still, nice job on this jam! I really like the art style too.

Really love this game. Great creativity in short amount of time!!

pretty good game. I definitely appreciate the check points. I probably wouldn't of been able to finish if it wasn't for the check points. If there was more time it would of been cool to have a speedrunner mode so you could see how long it took you to complete the levels and try to get the fastest time

I thought the exact same thing about a speed-run... how fast would it be to get through all the levels. The first level being a straight run... second being more technical and the third uugghhh.


This game is wayy too polished, it's almost like he used every second of time from the game jam and submitted his game with minutes left to submit hmmmm good job though 

I believe it said he had just over 10 minutes left to submit... that is someone who knows literally how to use all his time.


I really like this concept! Great job on making the movement feel solid, rage enducing, but also feel fair: that's pretty hard but you pulled it off. And THANK GOD for checkpoints, because this game gets HARD after the first level, I was kind of startled by it, to be honest :P  I also really liked the box mechanics, they make it just that much more interesting. Although the whole experience was hard, I still made it and was satisfied (not enraged) afterwards ;) Good job on making this!

Some feedback: the gravity starts to act weird in level 3, after the first turret, and you have to click furiously to get your egg through sometimes, then all of a sudden at some point it starts working again.


I watched the stream of this being made and I think what you could be experiencing is that the magnet actually has power and it used to show the power as a number but then near the end it was removed so unfortunately the player has no way of knowing how much magnet power they have. essentially the power meter fills up while you aren't using it. It went up to 100 and would go down as you're clicking. 


Ah, that could explain it :) 


I played through the game then read this. On my second playthrough it felt very different. Because I could predict what the magnet was going to do it seemed like the controls were much tighter. This playthrough was much easier, though I also had practice from before. It seems telegraphing state to the player is important.

yeah I don't remember the exact reason why it was taken out. I wanna say I vaguely remember some kind of meter was going to be done but time ran out so I guess maybe the thought was just a number doesn't match the rest of the polish and aesthetic of the game so it was removed. I think you definitely showcased the importance for having that visual feedback in the game after second playthrough

I had a similar issue to a game I"m working on. I have a jetpack and I had this meter but I didn't like how it worked. So I made the particles effect get lesser and lesser as an alternative means to a meter to show when your fuel/power was running out


Probably the best game I've played so far. great job!


Hi Tim!

This is a pretty funny game! The only issue I have with it is that it's kinda hard to control.


I think that is part of the charm of the game... 


I don't get when I'm able to pull the egg tho...


One of the best I’ve seen so far! Really well done!


Very well done... Now I want eggs though...


That was actually pretty fun :) ! Sound effects were satisfying, the music was cool and the game fits very nicely with the theme of the jam ! It felt great moving the magnet over a wall of spikes or a saw ! Well done Tim :) !


cool game, I think the coin stops the magnet from pulling the egg. That should have been more obvious.

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