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A game all about rotating
Submitted by RadApe — 4 hours, 14 minutes before the deadline
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I really liked this game, but unfortunately I got caught up in the same bug as the previous commenter. The art was fantastic and really evocative, and the gameplay had enough depth to keep me interested. Good job!


I very much enjoyed the game, sadly it broke for me though;

Also perhaps something to change would be the pause it does after you hit a red valve. If you're going to force players to fall to a certain spot, I don't think you need that pause in there. Just bounce 'em back and let them fall to the spot you want them to.

The reason for this being; If you're supposed to rotate during pause, but you can't do it there, it feels inconsistent.
And second reason it's an inconsistency that feels like a needless hassle that can just be taken out. Or at least in the final version :D

Aside from that some small points. The contrast at the start was hard for me to see. And perhaps add a smoother rotation. It's a nicety that shows some polish and is of course very pleasing to the eye.

All in all, a solid entry and nice game. Keep it up!


Thanks! It's kinda ironic, because I made the game pause when you died thinking it'd be better for the player, a small pause to think and then start playing lol. Maybe next time I'll just ask for feedback before submitting


Oh yeah, that would be very true. But since pause is kindoff the 'go' mechanic of the game it's a bit reverse :p ?
Plus it seems so far all the places you bounce the player back to are static places anyway, so they're pretty safe as is :3

And yeah, playtesting is always the most valuable thing you can get! :D


Fun concept that reminds me of those labyrinth marble games. There were a few "blind" drops where I'd have to commit to a movement since you can only pause when you're touching something and it would drop me straight into a hazard I couldn't see beforehand. Additionally, I think an indicator of where you should generally be going for each checkpoint would be nice. I think when you first go "outside" there's also some support structs that have no collision that kinda threw me off.  Finally, I think I accidentally soft-locked the game when I mashed space while it was resetting my position. Overall the game was pretty fun and I enjoyed it.


Really nice, love the idea.  And the execution.  There is no sound or music but the gameplay was so damn good i didn't notice. A secound game to add to the hidden gems this jam. 


Super intriguing! Make this into a 2 hour game and the make it $.99 on steam and it would become a cult classic