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Zombie RushView game page

Top down shooter where you can't shoot and at the same time you can't stop shooting
Submitted by M,SARHAN — 10 hours, 38 minutes before the deadline

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Very cool


I got 92. Is that good? :D

This is a nice one! The mechanic kind of pushed the idea of a frantic zombie apocalypse experience where you aren't an action hero, so you have to stop and fumble with your gun in order to shoot at the zombie chasing you. A nice exaple of a mechanic conveying a feeling.

Also I liked the humor at the start - the only thing was interacting with a text interface while still having control over the character took a second to understand.

Still though, a really solid entry, well done! :)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

thank you for this wonderful reply and have a good day. i didn't reach this score myself.


Interesting game. I love the aesthetic of the game.

As far as game play goes, it was difficult to keep from getting damaged due to not being able to run away and shoot. To counter this, having some sort of health pickup or auto regeneration may make it better.

Other than that great work, and keep it up!


i was working on pickups but you know game jam time limitations.


Nice game for a jam. Maybe you can add some gun and enemy type after jam. It will perfect.


This is surprisingly juicy for a beginner's game, impressive :)
The design, while simple, holds actual strategic weight, you have to walk around and stop walking, which creates an interesting conflict of interests, that's genius design. It still needs a little tweaking to not feel tedious, but the idea is very good.
Now, some criticism. I think bullet colors should be different for enemies and the player, in the heat of the action it may be hard to tell the difference for some players. The camera behavior is a little ufavorable in the tutorial, it focusing near the center makes the player not see what's near the edges until you're there. This of course stops being a problem once the proper game begins. I can say, this is one very spacy grave :D
As of bugs, once a dead shotgun enemy has shoot me, other than that it was clean for me.


i'm glad someone notices this bug it was a stupid mistake in the code i managed to solve it but i can't upload the new version until the jam ends.


Neat semi-minimalistic visuals! I think the concept could offer many interesting moments when combined with level design with various traps and obstacles. With the zombies alone things got monotonous rather quickly. Maybe also build in some twists with how the shooting behaves in different situations? But game jam time limitations, I know. :) Anyway, nice beginnings!


thank you for this motivating reply.


I really like the idea and the game itself is well crafted. Good job!


Thank you for checking out😘😘


Cool game. Maybe you can provide a desktop build, because sometimes the experience of these type of games (mouse heavy controls) on the browser can be bad. Aside from that, good job.


just for you all to have this experience  the desktop version will be uploaded as soon as the jam ends because of the uploads block have a good day because I have the desktop build ready it's just waiting to be uploaded👍👍




I liked it!  It was cool that you had to put yourself at risk by not moving to shoot the zombies, but it kind of ended up turning into just kiting a mob of zombies around.  But solid for a game jam! =)


thank you for this beautiful reply I hope you enjoyed it and gave it a good rating.

(1 edit) (+1)

When I read the description I didn't have high hopes, but this was actually a lot more fun than I expected! Nice work :)


thank you for this motivating reply , I appreciate it too much.


Great job on your fist jam!
Really nice with a tutorial, really helps you get eased in to the game.
Did not really get the zooming in at the middle of the level, it felt kind of confusing.
Really like the visuals, a bit more feedback would've been nice when killing the zombies, some screenshake maybe?

But overall a solid game, great job!


great feedback  I thank you very much screen shakes will be added soon and for the zooming I used it because I wanted to create I mini map but it seemed not working for me so I used screen zomming in and out.


Make me work for my kills, I like it.  I wish I could walk a tinsy bit faster. But besides that, it felt like a solid game. A great game to make for your first ever Game Jam.

Please GO check out my entry and rate it, w/ feedback thanks :)


thank you for your reply and of course I will check your game out


please don't hesitate to leave any suggest and of course i will work on increasing the types of zombies as i didn't have enough time to do so. 

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